BIC projects

BIC Projects

The BIC has engaged in a number of projects to address contemporary issues relevant to bar associations and law societies

Current projects

Completed projects

The BIC Regulation Committee, with the support of the PPID Activity Fund, created a directory which compiled a list of organisations that are responsible for regulating the legal profession around the world. This comprehensive directory is useful for bars who wish to check on the qualifications or disciplinary records of lawyers from other countries and for lawyers and law firms interested in cross border working.

The directory divides the regulatory functions governing legal practice into three stages: Admission, practice and discipline. It also indicates the body responsible for each function and how it may be contacted. Where possible, links to the relevant organisations’ websites are also included.

The research has was prepared by Hook International and the online directory was launched online by the IBA web team in June 2016.

The BIC received funding from the PPID Activity Fund for this three-phase project, led by Jonathan Goldsmith and strongly supported by BIC Vice Chair, Péter Köves.

Phase one involved a small steering committee of representatives from the partners in this project visiting the Ukraine to speak to the Ukrainian National Bar Association, and other important stakeholders, such as the Ukrainian government and the European Commission’s office in the Ukraine. The aim was to establish exactly what kind of programme would be most beneficial and would add the best value, which programme would fit in with other programmes being run for the improvement of the legal system in Ukraine, and how the programme could be best delivered.

Phase two involved a policy discussion with the relevant stakeholders in Ukraine, which was chaired by IBA Vice President, Martin Šolc, with Péter Köves participating as a speaker.

Phase three, the final phase of this project, involved the completion of a report on recommendations for advancing the quality of legal services in Ukraine with rapporteurs on each topic.