From the Editors – Construction Law International – October 2023

China Irwin and Thayananthan BaskaranTuesday 17 October 2023

Dear readers,

As we say goodbye to summer holidays (at least in the northern hemisphere), we are pleased to introduce the October issue of Construction Law International (CLInt).

This issue traverses the globe, continuing our FIDIC around the world series with contributions from Poland and Vietnam and providing updates concerning developments in the UK and Australia.

We are also pleased to share with our readers articles capturing the discussions at the March 2023 ICP conference and May 2023 ICP working weekend, covering the very practical topics of addressing high volumes of low value claims and transferring project design risk.

Our feature articles in this issue cover a wide range of topics, including fitness for purpose obligations, negative variation clauses, design liability in the context of uncertain ground conditions and the application of contractual notice provisions following a collaborative approach, as well room for improvement in public infrastructure projects. We trust our readers will find these articles instructive both at the dispute stage, as well as during the negotiation and performance of a contract.

We thank our contributors for sharing their experience and insights. As always, we encourage all ICP members to contribute to CLInt by submitting articles to China Irwin at cirwin@lalive.law.

China Irwin
Committee Editor, IBA International Construction Projects Committee
LALIVE, Geneva

Thayananthan Baskaran
Deputy Committee Editor, IBA International Construction Projects Committee
Baskaran, Kuala Lumpur