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IBA Annual Conference Paris 2023

29 Oct - 3 Nov 2023

Palais de Congres de Paris, Paris, France

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Delia Mensitieri


Delia is pursuing her PhD on inclusion at the workplace. She is also a corporate consultant on organisational culture, leadership and strategy. She has worked with several international clients on developing and implementing their DEI strategy, coaching leaders and managers, and giving masterclasses on executive level at several business schools such as Vlerick Business School, Solvay School of Economics, and Audencia Business School. Organisations such as Deloitte, Decathlon, Imec, Solvay, ULB, University of Ghent, amongst others, have benefited from Delia’s expertise. Delia is a member of the executive committee of European Women on Boards and is especially passionate about bridging the gap between science and practice. Besides figuring out what an inclusive organization is, Delia is interested in the human side of economics and how it can impact business decisions. She loves to explore new leadership styles, other ways to collaborate, and to create sustainable business practices. Delia is also exploring how the arts and philosophy can contribute to these new ways of working or explain certain complexities in a way that everyone feels connected. She participates in several artistic initiatives that connects science, business and arts.


Creating and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy for the law firm

Tuesday 31 October (1115 - 1230)

Room 351, Level 3

Session Chair