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6th IEL/SEERIL International Oil and Gas Law Conference

21 Jun - 23 Jun 2017

London, England

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Audley Sheppard


Audley is an advocate and an arbitrator specialising in the resolution of disputes arising out of investment and trade, including infrastructure and energy projects. He is a Queen's Counsel. He is currently Chairman of the LCIA Board. He is also on the governing board of ICCA and a Visiting Professor, School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary, London. He has been a Co-Chair of the IBA Arbitration Committee (2006-8), Rapporteur of the ILA Arbitration Committee, Vice-President of the LCIA Court, and a Member of the ICC Court. He has New Zealand and Ireland nationality.


Dispute Resolution Module

Thursday 22 June (1415 - 1415)

Session Chair