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5th Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference: Resilient Asia – Fighting Global Headwinds

15 Feb - 17 Feb 2017

Session information

The digital economy: impact on people’s lives and legal challenges


Asia Pacific Regional Forum (Lead)


This panel will discuss the burgeoning e-commerce businesses and the social media boom in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Are these business models here to stay?
  • Is social media invading people’s privacy?
  • Is the right to be forgotten relevant in the Asian context?
  • Are brick and mortar companies under threat and can regulatory barriers against digital economy companies be successfully enforced?
  • Is the law able to play catch up with new and evolving modes of digital business such as the shared economy businesses, aggregators/marketplaces, driverless cars, drones, etc? 

The session will also deal with complicated issues of allocation of liability and jurisdictional challenges in enforcement.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Suhail Nathani Economic Laws Practice, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Srinivas Katta IndusLaw, Bangalore, India
Talha Salaria Lawyers at Work, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Doil Son Yulchon LLC, Seoul, South Korea; Publications Officer, Technology Law Committee