5th Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference: Resilient Asia – Fighting Global Headwinds

15 Feb - 17 Feb 2017

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Is the separation of powers enshrined in the constitution between the legislature and the Indian higher judiciary at risk of being significantly diluted? Are there similar issues in Australasian countries?

Friday 17 February (1400 - 1530)


Asia Pacific Regional Forum (Lead)


Some recent decisions of the higher judiciary in India have seriously questioned the process of allocation of scarce resources and privileges by the highest levels of government, and sought to cancel allotments and licences. There is also a growing concern that the judiciary is perhaps not respecting separation of powers. In all this, is the genuine investor at risk of being the proverbial baby in the bathwater?

The discussion will also cover the speed of the judicial system, PIL litigation, monitoring of the legal process by the Supreme Court, due process, and international jurisprudence on the subject.


Ganesh Chandru Dua Associates, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India