5th Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference: Resilient Asia – Fighting Global Headwinds

15 Feb - 17 Feb 2017

Session information

Is rapid growth putting pressure on the rule of law in Asia Pacific and the Middle East?

Friday 17 February (1600 - 1730)


Asia Pacific Regional Forum (Lead)


The panel will discuss principles of constitutional law, regulatory policies, child labour, human rights and environmental laws, including case studies.

  • Are the various economies of the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern regions growing in consonance with the principles of the rule of law?
  • Are these principles being upheld in the quest for unbridled growth?
  • Are Asia’s teeming billions getting equal rights and treatment under the law?
  • Is the environment under pressure, and are there other ways in which poverty alleviation can be achieved?

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Bruno Blanpain MVVP, Brussels, Belgium


John Wilson John Wilson Partners, Colombo, Sri Lanka; Senior Vice Chair, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee