28th Annual Communications and Competition Conference

24 Apr - 25 Apr 2017

Session information

Brexit and its implications on the telecommunications and digital markets


Antitrust Section (Lead)
Communications Law Committee (Lead)


Following its vote to leave the EU, the telecommunications and digital markets sector in the UK will be faced with a new regulatory and business environment. EU directives have hitherto harmonised telecommunications regulations across the EU in areas such as market and network access, interconnection, as well as the management of spectrum and data privacy. The EU has also through its digital single market (DSM) initiatives laid out a roadmap for Europe to embrace digital platforms, and to establish new markets for the digital content and services. This session will examine the implications of Brexit on both consumers and telecommunications companies, and how the regulatory framework in the UK may evolve post-Brexit. The panel will discuss the challenges that the UK will face in securing access to the larger EU telecommunications and digital markets, as well as the opportunities that it may seek to exploit once freed from having to comply with EU directives. What sort of legislative and regulatory approaches or policies can the UK adopt to ensure its businesses have the best chance of continuing access to the European market on terms which are competitive with their European counterparts? Are there parallels or lessons to be drawn from the regulatory approaches adopted by non-European economies?

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Chung Nian Lam WongPartnership, Singapore, Singapore
Diane Mullenex Pinsent Masons, London, England


Michael Klaus Bergmann RAUE PartmbB, Berlin, Germany
Professor Frank Maier-Rigaud ABC Economics, Berlin, Germany
David Wheeldon Sky, London, England