3rd IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference

21 May - 23 May 2017

Session information

Keynote debate


Closely Held Companies Committee (Lead)
Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee
European Regional Forum
Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee
Young Lawyers' Committee


Is disruptive innovation a threat or does it create opportunities? How to stay ahead in the race? How to become relevant as a disruptor – and how stay relevant as a traditional business? A keynote panel of leading entrepreneurs will debate how disruptors are changing the economy and the traditional business models, and how traditional industries can react to such changes.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Marco Rizzi Bratschi AG, Zürich, Switzerland; Conference Coordinator, Closely Held Companies Committee


Peter Blackshaw Nestle, Vevey, Switzerland
Eric Forest Enternext, Paris, France
Frédéric Mazzella BlaBlaCar, Paris, France
Florin Paun Onera, Palaiseau, France