3rd IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference

21 May - 23 May 2017 Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel, Paris, France

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3rd IBA Global Entrepreneurship Conference
Disruptive Innovation

22–23 May 2017, Marriott, Paris, France

A conference presented by the IBA Closely Held and Growing Business Enterprises Committee, supported by the IBA Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee, the IBA Young Lawyers’ Committee, the IBA Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee and the IBA European Regional Forum

Topics will include:

  • Challenges and opportunities of disruptive innovation and how established companies can stay ahead in the ever developing technology race (debate by key industry players)
  • Shared economy – what is it, does it work at all and what issues does it pose?
  • Financial technology “Fintech”: trends and developments; and critical regulatory, contractual and corporate issues
  • M&A and disruptive innovation: what are the M&A trends in the field of disruptive innovation? Is there also disruption in the transaction models?
  • “LegalTec”: artificial intelligence is becoming an important factor in the legal industry. Will platforms for lawyers on demand replace the current law firms and what will be the impact of systems like Kira? Will the traditional law firms survive or be able to adapt? How?
  • How to advise disruptors: Considerations for lawyers when advising disruptors (with the participation of disruptors)

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