IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Room 233, Level 2

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A chameleon in a rabbit’s disguise: regulating the provision and use of artificial intelligence for the legal profession – are business structures in sight or in danger?

Tuesday 1 November (1615 - 1730)

Room 233, Level 2
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Alternative and New Law Business Structures Committee (Lead)
Professional Ethics Committee
Technology Law Committee


How will current legislative approaches and proposals to regulate the provision and use of AI affect the practice of the legal profession? What are the ethical concerns arising from such regulation? Most importantly, would a proposed extraterritorial application of such regulations have impacts on the legal profession that is more international and connected than ever before?

These and many other questions draw on AI's role in rapidly permeating economies and societies, generating productivity gains, improving efficiency, and lowering costs, while at the same time leading to calls that facilitate the adoption of AI systems to promote innovation and growth, and help establish appropriate safeguards to ensure that such systems are beneficial for practitioners and clients, and shall not put in risk the respect for fundamental rights. The operators and practitioners are or will be certainly sectors that AI heavily impacts in terms of structuring business opportunities. The recent legislative developments and initiatives in Europe, North America, and various jurisdictions attest to this influence: should - or could - AI be harnessed so as to prevent its malleability based on the legal culture and rules on how a profession is executed extra-territorially?

Our panel of experts will address these topical questions shaping the AI-realm in the legal profession.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Stuart Fuller KPMG, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Vice Chair, Alternative and New Law Business Structures Committee


Riccardo Cajola Cajola & Associati, Milan, Italy; Chair, Artificial Intelligence Working Group
Michele DeStefano University of Miami (& Guest Faculty Harvard Law School Exec Ed), Miami, Florida, USA
Derya Durlu Gürzumar Istanbul Bar Association, Istanbul, Turkey; Co-Chair, Alternative and New Law Business Structures Committee
Claudia Seibel
Amrish Tiwari K&S Partners, New Delhi, Delhi, India; Chair, Life Sciences Subcommittee