IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Room 206, Level 2

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Stay on: strategies to break the trend of female talents leaving their law firms
Room 206, Level 2
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Women Lawyers' Committee (Lead)


The ABA recently conducted a survey: "In their own words: Experienced Women Lawyers - Explain Why They Are Leaving Their Law Firms and the Profession". There is a global trend to note in the legal industry that female lawyers leave the law firms much earlier than their male colleagues – irrespective or even despite of being “on track”. Law firms have started to steering against this trends, but so far the success is limited. Based on the ABA survey this session shall review the following questions: what negative factors or experiences do women identify as forces that make them consider leaving the practice of law in a law firm? And what changes can be made to encourage women to stay in law practice? Are there any models or structures on the market which appear to be promising?

On our panel we shall have (male and female) legal practitioners and HR experts from different jurisdictions analysing the above questions.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Clara-Ann Gordon Niederer Kraft Frey AG, Zürich, Switzerland; Chair, Online Services Committee
Cornelia Topf Gleiss Lutz, Frankfurt, Germany; European Regional Forum Liaison Officer, Women Lawyers' Committee


Hilarie Bass Bass Institute for Diversity and Inclusion, Miami, Florida, USA
Christina Blacklaws Officer, Bar Issues Commission
Michael Ellenhorn Decipher Investigative Intelligence, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
Myra Garrett William Fry, Dublin, Ireland; SPPI Vice Chair / Treasurer