Mergers and acquisitions in Latin America in a challenging world

2 May - 4 May 2022

Session information

Plenary session: The Black Swan Effect: how Covid-19 has affected the M&A landscape in Latin America


Corporate and M&A Law Committee (Lead)
Latin American Regional Forum (Lead)


In Latin America, the sudden shock caused by Covid-19 triggered a steep decline in M&A transactions after the high point of 2019. As businesses look towards a brighter 2022, will they be able to seize the opportunities the region offers?

Latin America presents a growing market characterised by resilience, emerging sectors and weaker currencies, in addition to a strong cross-border M&A tradition, bolstered by the international trend towards globalisation. The pandemic also sped up the implementation of virtual and remote forms of business, which had long been in use in other regions, thus facilitating transactions. On the other hand, uncertainty about shifting political climates, public policy, regulation, socio-political landscapes and so on can dampen investors’ enthusiasm.

A panel of experts will discuss strategies to protect regional investments and identify opportunities, while steering safely around the region’s volatility.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Sergio Michelsen Brigard Urrutia, Bogota, Colombia
Francisco Roggero Zang Bergel & Viñes, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Vice Chair, Latin American Regional Forum


Antonio Coutinho Citi Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Fernanda Garrelhas Patria Investimentos, São Paulo, Brazil
Cassio Gouveia Itau BBA, São Paulo, Brazil
Mariana Nishimura CPPIB, São Paulo, Brazil