IBA Annual Conference Paris 2023

29 Oct - 3 Nov 2023

Room 351, Level 3

Session information

Stay-on strategies for female talent 2.0

Tuesday 31 October (1615 - 1730)

Room 351, Level 3


Women Lawyers' Committee (Lead)
Diversity and Equality Law Committee
European Regional Forum
IBA Diversity & Inclusion Council
Law Firm Management Committee
Young Lawyers' Committee


This session will be using SLIDO.com.  To participate please join at: SLIDO.com #2883 275 

In the legal profession, there is a global tendency that female lawyers, irrespective of being 'on track' career-wise, leave law firms significantly earlier than their male counterparts. Many firms have ambitions to achieve parity on all career levels, including equity partnership. However, they are often lacking the relevant suitable candidates on senior level. The law firms are employing strategies aimed at steering against this development but with limited success, thus far. We will explore the drivers behind women leaving before being promoted and which changes can be implemented to encourage women to remain in the law practice. Who are the pioneers on parity amongst the law firms and what are their secrets to achieve that? Which structures and models currently on the market appear to have potential for counteracting the trend and which have appeared to be a failure? We plan to have an interactive session which invites all listeners to contribute. In order to achieve parity in the auditorium, we encourage all listeners to come accompanied by a colleague of a different gender.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Clara-Ann Gordon Niederer Kraft Frey AG, Zürich, Switzerland; Chair, Standing Committee Chairs
Cornelia Topf Gleiss Lutz, Frankfurt, Germany; Website Officer, Women Lawyers' Committee


Elvan Aziz Paksoy, Istanbul, Turkey
David Burgess The Legal 500, London, England
Jeffrey Davis Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Member, Law Firm Management Committee Advisory Board
Damien De La Masselière Equans, Paris, France
Sandrine Flimon Groupe Bouygues, Paris, France
Maria-Pia Hope Vinge, Stockholm, Sweden
Carolina Rodrigues General Electric, São Paulo, Brazil; Newsletter Editor, Diversity and Equality Law Committee
Kate Romain Bredin Prat, Paris, France