25th Annual IBA Transnational Crime Conference

3 May - 5 May 2023

Session information

Sanctions: trends in global sanctions enforcement


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created an unprecedented reaction from the most powerful countries in the world. From weapons to massive aid programmes, the efforts to counter the Russian actions include a long and diverse list of sanctions. Commentators and practitioners around the world have been discussing the power and effectiveness of the different sanctions programmes as a tool for the counterattack on the invading forces.

This panel will consider several points of view, offering perspectives from the criminal enforcement and business crime legal communities around the world, in an effort to understand the effectiveness of these, in paper, powerful weapons.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Filippo Ferri Cagnola & Associati Studio Legale, Milan, Italy; Senior Vice Chair, Business Crime Committee
Cristián Francos Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss, Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Co-Chair, Business Crime Committee


Jonathan S Abernethy Cohen & Gresser, New York, New York, USA; Conference Quality Officer, Criminal Law Committee
Daniel Alonso Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, New York, New York, USA; Internal Investigations Officer, Compliance Subcommittee
Maia Cohen-Lask Corker Binning, London, England; Arab Regional Forum Liaison Officer, Business Crime Committee
Kateryna Gupalo Arzinger, Kyiv, Ukraine; Senior Vice Chair, Business Crime Committee
William Julié WJ Avocats, Paris, France; Individual Defence Counsel Officer, Criminal Law Committee
Simone Nadelhofer LALIVE, Zürich, Switzerland; Anti-Corruption Committee Liaison Officer, Business Crime Committee

Session presentations