IBA Annual Conference Mexico City 2024

15 Sep - 20 Sep 2024

Session information

Dao models itself after nature: China and the Americas - the potential and the limits

Tuesday 17 September (1615 - 1730)


Asia Pacific Regional Forum (Lead)


The trade and investment activities between China and the Americas, especially the Latin Americas, have experienced obvious changes in the past two years following COVID-19. Along with the ongoing tensions between China and the United States, China has been keeping its investments in and expanding its trade with the Latin Americas. Investments in natural resources in the region and trade with agricultural and mineral goods have lasted for years and continue to grow. However, all these activities have been affected by global factors such as the climate crisis, nationalism, and world economic decline among others. 

Can the economic relationship between the Americas and China continue to retain their strength or have they been weakened?

Is there a basic rule underlying all laws and regulations of trade and investment which can help in shaping a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature as well as between countries? Just like the Chinese old textbook, Dao De Jing quotes: “Dao models itself after nature”. It may be the answer to the question. 

This session will provide a broader picture from a global perspective on the new trends of China’s outbound investment into the Americas and recent development in law and regulations in trade, FDI and antitrust, trying to provide a vivid vision to the audience which goes beyond the specific legal issues in specialised legal areas. 

The discussion will focus on changes to China’s investment in the Americas, the challenges that Chinese investors face in the local community and the reasons behind such changes and development. In addition, recent cases will be studied during the discussion. 

Through a review of recent investment activities and case studies, the session will bring a new perspective on the future of China investment into the Americas to the audience. 

The experts from China and the Americas will be invited to participate in the discussion. 

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Caroline Berube HJM Asia Law & Co, Guangzhou, China; Co-Chair, China Working Group
David Liu JunHe LLP, Shanghai, China; Co-Chair, China Working Group


Stephen Bowman Bennett Jones LLP, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Co-Chair, Future of Legal Services Commission
Daniel Del Rio SMPS Legal, Mexico City, Mexico; LPD Vice Chair
Eric Emerson Steptoe + Johnson, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Ling Huang King & Wood Mallesons, Beijing, China