Deals, disruptions and growth areas in the Americas Conference

6 Dec - 8 Dec 2021

Session information

Hot topics - new sectors in the aftermath of the pandemic: current trends in cryptocurrency and fintech


The rise of cryptocurrency transactions – including bitcoin investments, stablecoin trading and blockchain-settled fundraisings, among others – has led many market observers to question whether the global financial system is on the verge of mere incremental adjustment or truly revolutionary change. At the same time, it seems that we see a new fintech IPO on a weekly basis, and consumers have quickly adapted to life that is more digital than ever before as fintechs have thrived in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as dealings with cryptocurrencies and fintechs proliferate, particularly across the Americas, people and their government representatives are still sorting out the appropriate regulatory response. The risk of prematurely stifling innovation and growth has kept regulators at bay up until now, but public perception about the need for regulatory clarity and oversight seems to have finally caught up with these industries and their stakeholders.

This session is structured in two parts. The first part will be involve a panel discussion by experts sharing views on the current state of U.S. cryptocurrency and fintech regulation, as well as their insights on recent market trends in these industries. The second part will be a workshop with breakout sessions among conference participants led by facilitators who will collect views and takeaways concerning cryptocurrency and fintech developments across the region.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Carlos Del Rio Creel Garcia-Cuellar Aiza y Enriquez, Mexico City, Mexico; Publication and Newsletter Editor, Latin American Regional Forum
David Flechner Allen & Overy, New York, New York, USA; Co-Chair, Pro Bono Committee


Robin Nunn Linklaters LLP, New York, New York, USA
Jared Roscoe SoftBank Group International, Washington, District of Columbia, USA