IBA Annual Conference Miami 2022

30 Oct - 4 Nov 2022

Room 229 A, Level 2

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Stand out: personal branding blueprint to become a recognised expert in your field and the roadmap to get there

Tuesday 1 November (1615 - 1730)

Room 229 A, Level 2
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Ready to become the sought-after expert your clients will want to work with and be willing to pay a premium to do so? Tired of being the ‘best keep-secret’ in your market’? Do you want to know how you are unique to your clients and how you can stand out in the sea of competitors? Do you want to know how to expand your reach and get more international clients? Attaining status as a recognised authority in your field requires a multi-faceted approach and sustained dedication. By following the right steps, you can begin your evolution into a well-respected recognised expert in your field. If you want to know the solutions to these questions and a short cut to become the go-to expert, do not miss this practical session with one of the global leading authorities for personal branding for professionals – advocate Itzik Amiel. Discover what it really takes to become an authority in your field – and build a step-by-step plan to get there – without spending all your time on marketing. Even if you implement just a few of these strategies properly, you can expect to build awareness, establish credibility, and ultimately attract a considerable amount of new business.

The session will cover main strategies in three main areas:

1) Firm branding vs. personal branding

Should I build a personal brand? Should I allow my firm’s members to build their personal brand? Or should I build the firm’s brand? These questions might have you tossing and turning at night, and it is time to answer them.

2) Personal branding blueprint

Too many lawyers are the ‘best kept secret’ in their field. To stand out and become the recognised expert and authority, you need to establish a reliable and systematic process that gets you visible with your ideal clients.

3) Personal branding online vs. offline

Where shall you build your personal brand – offline, online or on both, and share interesting insights and case studies.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Itzik Amiel THE SWITCH™ | THE SWITCH HUB™, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Chair, Law Firm Management - Business Development and Marketing Subcommittee