Communications Law Committee has the following sessions at Paris 2023

  • Monday 30 October (1115 - 1230)
    Space law and ethics: commercial versus military conflicts
  • Monday 30 October (1430 - 1730)
    A taste of hot topics
  • Tuesday 31 October (1115 - 1230)
    AI regulations: a raising global issue
  • Tuesday 31 October (1430 - 1545)
    Ars Ex Machina - artificial intelligence and creative expression
  • Tuesday 31 October (1430 - 1545)
    Digital market act and digital service act: a blueprint for global digital regulation
  • Tuesday 31 October (1430 - 1730)
    LPD Showcase: fashionably metaverse - high technology meets high fashion (Showcase)
  • Wednesday 1 November (1115 - 1230)
    LEO satellite services to rule the world?
  • Wednesday 1 November (1115 - 1230)
    The evolution of IT contracting
  • Friday 3 November (0930 - 1045)
    Making sense of data sovereignty, data residency and data localisation laws
  • Friday 3 November (0930 - 1045)
    New data regulations in Europe: here’s the latest

Takeaways from the 11th Balkan Legal Forum

Wednesday 10 August 2022

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Zoya Todorova
Dimitri, Petrov & Co., Sofia; Regional Fora Liaison Officer, IBA European Regional Forum

Kalina Dimitrova
Dimitri, Petrov & Co., Sofia

The 11th Balkan Legal Forum, presented by the International Bar Association (IBA) European Regional Forum (ERF) and IBA Law Firm Management Committee, took place in Vienna on 29 June–1 July in Vienna and was attended by over 130 delegates and speakers from 34 countries. The engaging and insightful panel discussions covered a variety of interesting topics unified by the idea of ‘legal practice transformation’. Analysing what had happened in the last 20 years, the panelists – mostly law firm managing partners – tried to predict how these developments would shape the next 20 years, discussed how technology was changing law firms if clients in the region really cared about ‘sustainability’ and ‘diversity’, if traditional law firms needed a new business model, and changes to clients’ needs. The event’s positive atmosphere was nicely aided by the classic Viennese venue and the cheerful Balkan atmosphere, reaching its culmination at the impressive gala dinner combining a rakia (Balkan fruit brandy) tasting with a beautiful performance by the Budapest Lawyers Choir.

The ERF was very well represented at the Forum by a large group of Officers and Council Members. Our Co-Chair Chris Owen led an inspiring session on meditation and wellness. Chris also moderated a well-received panel on the recruitment and retention of legal talent, which featured Zoya Todorova, Regional Fora Liaison Officer, among the panelists. ERF Vice-Chair Panagiotis Drakopoulos and Council Member Jelena Gazivoda took part in other interesting panels, discussing respectively the possible changes in partner remuneration over the next 20 years and what would happen to law firms in general in the same period. We should also mention Borislav Boyanov, Member of the Advisory Board, who has made an immense contribution to organising the IBA Balkan Legal Forum over the years. This Forum has presented a wonderful opportunity for ERF members to meet in person and exchange ideas on the possibilities offered by the Balkans and to actively promote ERF activities among legal professionals from this region.