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Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee

Very few legal fields face the revolutionary changes that employment and industrial relations laws do. Issues such as technology, human rights, globalisation, corporate citizenship and increased movements of people have created unprecedented legal complexity as they interact with traditional laws often formulated decades ago. As the largest of the Human Resource Section Committees of the IBA, the purpose of the Committee is the identification, technical analysis and proactive management of national, regional and global developments in these rapidly evolving fields. The Committee takes a ‘cutting edge’ approach to its selection of topics and speakers and draws upon the combined experience of its officers and panellists to present the members with innovative solutions to the employment law problems of today.

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Co-Chairs' message, September 2020

A message from the Co-Chairs of the Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee, September 2020.

Editors' message, September 2020

A message from the Editors of the Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee, September 2020.

Spain and the revolutionary change in working time rules

In recent months, Spain has adopted new regulations in relation to the tracking of employees’ working time. These impact Spanish labour relations, as they create an obligation for all employers to set reliable tracking systems, with a view to keeping records of their employees’ working schedules.

Difficult times for employers in Latin America

Latin America has been facing constant changes in its model, with important social movements and an increasing level unrest. New governments are changing the rules affecting investment and increasing employment costs dramatically. It is important to monitor this region with a conservative approach, expecting more changes and increased conflict, itself deriving from social unrest, which has its origins in economic differences.

Tracking of working time rules

Even though Turkey’s Labour Law No 4857 does not regulate how employers track the working times of their employees in any detail, such tracking has become more important in view of the recent decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), stating that employers must set up an objective, reliable and accessible system that can track working times.


Subcommittees and other groups

The Employment and Industrial Relations Law Committee also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

  • Compensation and Benefits Subcommittee
  • Presidential Task Force Against Human Trafficking