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Taxes Committee

The IBA's widely respected and very active Taxes Committee offers its members access to the highest quality technical, practical and professional tax expertise to assist in understanding and finding solutions to international tax issues and concerns.

About the Committee

The Taxes Committee encourages interface between international tax specialists and promotes the building of networks among tax lawyers worldwide to assist them in better serving the interests of their clients. The committee is divided informally into four practice group areas: Income Taxes, Other Taxes, Tax Litigation and Employee Benefits.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the committee newsletter which is published two to three times per year and to present papers at committee conferences and seminars. The committee also offers tax executives a forum, in its Tax Executives group, to exchange expertise and skills with their colleagues in industry on topics of special interest.

Tax developments by jurisdiction

The Taxes Committee has published its annual update on tax developments by jurisdiction for 2022. Find out more here

A landmark decision of the Italian Supreme Court might finally lead to a better tax environment for foreign investment funds

The Italian tax legislation has long been hostile, to a certain extent, to foreign investment funds. A recent decision of the Italian Supreme Court might be a pivotal turning point that could finally make Italy a better place to invest for foreign funds, including non-European Union ones.

Released on Oct 05, 2022

The new Italian rule about witness evidence in tax trials

The Italian Law No 130/2022 has modified the Legislative Decree No 546/1992, which contains the procedural provisions governing tax trials. Within this framework, it has introduced a rule about witness evidence, which reveals some systematic limits and issues, particularly in light of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Released on Oct 05, 2022

British Virgin Islands economic substance: investigation and enforcement procedures

This article discusses the approach being taken by the BVI International Tax Authority to monitor entities’ compliance with the BVI economic substance regime and related amendments to the International Tax Authority Act in 2022.

Released on Sep 27, 2022

Corporate income tax in Uruguay: is this the end of the so-called 'principle of the source'?

As a result of certain questioning from the European Union, a debate has begun in Uruguay in connection with the so-called 'principle of the source'. In accordance with such a principle, Uruguayan companies are only taxed on locally sourced income. Foreign-sourced income is, as a general rule, excluded from corporate income tax. The EU admits the validity of the above principle, though subject to certain substance requirements. The Uruguayan Executive Branch has recently made public a draft bill that would keep in force the principle of the source, provided that local companies were in compliance with such substance requirements.

Released on Sep 02, 2022