From the Editor, Law Firm Management Committee, October 2020

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Dear Law Firm Management Committee members,  

This year has turned out to be very different from what all of us had anticipated it would be. Nonetheless, with the support of our communities, we have managed to quickly adapt to and so far survive through this new normal. The Law Firm Management Committee was one of the first IBA committees to spring into action and provide much-needed guidance and support to its members. Among other things, the Committee promptly put into place online experience and thought-sharing platforms and opportunities to help its members adequately navigate these unprecedented times and deal with the resulting nouveau issues and concerns.

In addition to creating a dedicated Covid-19 resource page on the Committee’s website, revamping the Committee's online Knowledge Database and sharing expert guidance through articles specifically authored to guide our Committee members on issues relating to this crisis (available on the Covid-19 page), since March, the Committee has hosted 15 webinars on various relevant issues and hot topics, which were made available to all free of cost. If you missed any of these webinars, their recordings can be found here. For your quick review, highlights of some of the most popular webinars have been included below in this e-Bulletin.  

As we are still amid the Covid-19 crisis and as we continue to deal with its effects, the IBA recognising the importance of its Annual Conference and the opportunities that it provides, has replaced this year’s in-person conference with the IBA 2020 – Virtually Together Conference, which will be held online from 2–27  November 2020. Similar to past IBA Annual Conferences, this Virtual Conference will allow you to have access to a wide variety of sessions which will be covered by leading practitioners and industry experts from around the globe. The Virtual Conference will also give you enough networking opportunity, with over 150 networking sessions, which will be held in virtual networking hubs where you can easily interact with speakers and other participants in real-time from anywhere around the world.   

During the Virtual Conference, the Committee will be hosting a wide range of sessions addressing the most important topical law firm management issues and challenges. A quick overview of all the sessions which will be led/supported by the Committee is available here. The Committee will also be hosting the  Law Firm Management Committee welcome café and networking event on Thursday 5 November between 1400-1500 GMT, which will be similar to the open forum we hosted at the Seoul Annual Conference last year. This event will give you an opportunity to interact with the Committee officers and other members and you will also be able to find out more about how you can get involved in the Committee’s activities.

We also have in this e-Bulletin a message from our Co-Chairs on the year so far and the Committee’s activities lined up for the IBA Virtually Together Conference and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you all at the IBA Virtually Together Conference and the other online events the Committee will be hosting this year. The upcoming conferences and events of the Committee can be found under ‘Forthcoming conferences and webinars’ on the Committee’s website.

If you would like to submit an article or any other content relating to law firm management issues or related topics for publication on the Law Firm Management Committee's webpages (including the Covid-19 page) and in Committee e-Bulletins, please email tahera.mandviwala@tdtlegal.co for consideration. We also welcome suggestions that you may have on how the Committee can do more for its members.

Best regards

Tahera Mandviwala
TDT Legal, Mumbai; Website and Communications Officer, Law Firm Management Committee

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