Corporate and M&A Law/Corporate Counsel Forum: Directors' Duties Checklist

The Directors' Duties Checklist is a joint project of the Corporate and M&A Law Committee and the Corporate Counsel Forum.

The checklist provides a practical perspective on the duties of directors imposed by jurisdictions around the world and includes an overview of the applicable statutory and regulatory regime in each jurisdiction.

The first set of guides for this checklist was released in 2011 and has been updated in 2014 and in 2018. There are a handful of jurisdictions that do not reflect an update for 2018 as we were advised by their authors that an update was not required.


I, along with my co-editors, Guy Harles and Thomas Hickey, wish to thank all of the authors for sharing their expertise.


Readers are invited to contact the authors directly with questions. Readers are also encouraged to contact me at ehabbart@decg.com or Guy at guy.harles@arendt-medernach.com if your country is not represented below and you wish to contribute to the checklist.

Best regards,

Ellisa Habbart
Corporate and M&A Law Committee

This guide is not intended as and must not be considered legal advice for any particular situation, and members are encourage to consult with local counsel in each jurisdiction before making decisions or providing advice on them.

Angola (2017) Argentina (2017) Australia (2017) Austria (2014)
Barbados Belgium (2017) British Virgin Islands Canada (2017)
Cayman Islands China Colombia (2017) Costa Rica
Cyprus (2017) Czech Republic (2014) Denmark (2017) Dubai
England and Wales (2017) Estonia  (2017) Finland (2017) France (2017)
Germany (2017) Greece (2017) Guatemala Ireland (2017)
India Israel (2017) Italy Lithuania
Luxembourg (2014) Malta (2017) Mexico Mozambique (2017)
New Zealand (2017) the Netherlands (2014) Nicaragua (2017) Peru (2017)
Portugal (2017) Singapore (2017) Slovakia South Africa (2017)
Spain (2017) Sweden (2017) Switzerland (2017) United Arab Emirates
United States (2017) Uruguay (2017)