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2023: an intelligent learning odyssey

This article explores the potential implications of AI tools on education and on the legal profession, including the various approaches that educators and legal institutions can take to optimise a responsible use of AI technology while minimising its limitations.

Released on Nov 20, 2023

The legal jabuticaba

The Brazilian legal system possesses unique features, one notable characteristic being the practice of attorney's fees being payable by the losing party to the prevailing party's lawyers (honorários de sucumbência) in litigation and, sometimes, in arbitration. This article explores the criteria for granting honorários de sucumbência in civil proceedings, as outlined in the Brazilian Code of Civil Procedure.

Released on Jun 20, 2023

Battle of forms under Dutch law: How do you know which general terms and conditions apply?

This article explains how Dutch law, international law and German law, respectively, determine which law applies if both parties use their general terms and conditions: the so-called 'battle of forms'.

Released on Mar 3, 2023

Rule against reflective loss: A comparative analysis of English and Dutch law

The rule against reflective loss has been formulated and applied in case law to date in both England and Wales, and the Netherlands. The suggestion that the rule is driven by an intention to avoid double recovery has been rejected in England and Wales, pursuant to the recent Supreme Court judgment in Marex. The avoidance of double recovery is, however, one of the considerations upon which the rule is based in the Netherlands. While there are currently no exceptions to the rule in England and Wales, there is an exception under Dutch law, essentially, where the wrongdoer has breached a specific duty of care owed to the shareholder.

Released on Dec 19, 2022

IBA webinar report: Post-Covid professional development in law firms

A report on a recent webinar jointly presented by the IBA Academic and Professional Development Committee and several others, which took place on 30 September, titled ‘Post-Covid professional development in law firms’.

Released on Dec 13, 2021

Smart contracts – a closer look at the legal framework in England and Wales

The Law Commission in England and Wales is undertaking a scoping study on smart legal contracts, the application of English law to the same and the novel challenges which arise in this context.

Released on Dec 13, 2021

Globalisation and technology - the main drivers in legal education

This article looks at the recently published report titled ‘Blueprint for Global Legal Education’, which was first presented during a showcase session during the November 2020 IBA Virtually Together Conference.

Released on Jun 1, 2021

'I know that I know nothing': lessons to lawyers

A summary of the panel session at the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul, chaired by Bruno Maggi from the Young Lawyers’ committee, and Sebastian Ramos from the Academic and Professional Development Committee. The session was split into three parts: Challenging the cultural barriers and traditional approaches; What are law firms and law schools doing? and How to balance the specific knowledge with the broad perspective needed to solve the current complex legal cases.

Comparative Law: what do lawyers in practice really need to know?

A summary of the Academic and Professional Development Committee’s panel session at the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul, which was chaired by Chris Howard, Treasurer of the APDC and Director of Professional Legal Education at King’s College London.

Report on joint Academic & Professional Development Committee and Young Lawyers’ Committee visit to Sungkyunkwan University

A delegation from the APDC and the Young Lawyers’ Committee visited Sungkyunkwan University during the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul. The Dean, Professor Kim, and members of his faculty explained the Korean legal system and the work of the School of Law and answered the delegation’s questions. The delegation had the opportunity to present to a small group of students on the work of the IBA and on the essential requirements for a successful career in law.

Future of legal services and the implications for legal education and training

The delivery of legal services is going through rapid changes and there are various factors that contribute to these changes. They include technological innovation, changes in the business environment and globalisation. For lawyers to thrive despite the changes in the legal industry and in the delivery of legal services, they must develop new approaches.

Upgrading legal pedagogy for 21st century lawyering

It is an axiom that today the dynamics of demand instantly affect the supply of goods and services. Similarly, the increasingly globalised world impacts on the pattern of legal service delivery. For instance, the demand for legal advice on investment risks and prospects from across the world is legion; certain areas of law that were considered domestic now attract interest from all over the world and lawyers are exceedingly being confronted with international dimensions of their clients’ brief.

Report on joint APDC/YLC visit to Sungkyunkwan University

Report on joint APDC/YLC visit to Sungkyunkwan University, Lewis Patrick, Co-Chair APDC

IBA Annual Conference 2019, Seoul ‘I know that I know nothing’: lessons to lawyers

IBA Annual Conference 2019, Seoul. ‘I know that I know nothing’: lessons to lawyers. Thursday 26 September 2019

Comparative Law: what do lawyers in practice really need to know

APDC Panel Session. Comparative Law: what do lawyers in practice really need to know. Academic and Professional Development Committee

Law firm finances: everyone’s business

A summary of the panel session at the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul, chaired by Hermann Knott from Andersen Tax & Legal, Germany; PPID/SPPI Representative, LPD Council and Kathryn Rousin from White and Case, England; Co-Chair, Academic and Professional Development Committee. The session started with an overview of the South Korean legal market, followed by discussions on managing financial performance, alternative structures, IPO and a discussion on looking to the future.