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Politicians should not pick judges, and nor should judges

IBA Global Insight February/March 2018 - Despite their power and importance, there’s no global gold standard for how judges are chosen. A strong case can be made that, now more than ever, we need a new international norm where judges are chosen independently and on merit.

Released on Feb 16, 2018

The rule of law and the law of rules

IBA Global Insight, October/November 2017: The rule of law in advanced twenty-first century societies is complex and finely balanced. Brexit will undoubtedly add complexity, and we need to be careful not to upset the equilibrium.

Three rules of law

IBA Global Insight June/July 2017 - How should lawyers behave when legality breaks down? From Turkey, Pakistan and Russia to the UK and the US, here, presented by the IBA’s inaugural Journalism Fellow Carl Gardner, are three rules for those in troubled – and more comfortable – places.