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Diversity in law firms: slow progress

Achieving diversity is one of the most challenging management issues law firms now confront. For over a decade, firms have been seeking to raise levels of women, ethnic and other minority groups within their ranks and especially within their higher echelons. Yet, despite their considerable efforts, progress is proving to be frustratingly slow.

Released on Jul 21, 2016

Covid-19 pandemic: a real risk of diluting decades of workplace progress

This article for the Women Lawyers’ Interest Group aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by women in this new working environment and the ways through which both employers and employees can navigate these issues.

From the Editors, Women Lawyers’ Interest Group, March 2021

A message from the Editors of the Women Lawyers' Interest Group, March 2021

From the Officers, Women Lawyers' Interest Group, October 2020

A message from the Officers of the Women Lawyers' Interest Group, October 2020

Gender equality and access to justice in Brazil: the all-too-common struggle of victims of sexual violence

This article addresses the systemic problem of the mistreatment of women who are victims of sexual violence (especially in cases of violence by men against women) by the Brazilian criminal justice system that has come to the fore over the years, some of the key reasons behind the issue, as well as some brief comments on some possible solutions.

International Women’s Day 2020: developing an international practice

How can female lawyers at the beginning of their careers develop an international practice? A panel from Charles Russell Speechlys shared their experiences as part of International Women’s Day 2020. They provided practical tips for aspiring international lawyers – from joining an international association to doing an overseas secondment – which considered the additional challenges that women lawyers may face, such as career breaks to start a family or part time working.

Forgotten superheroines: Covid-19 and the effects on the social and working environment of women in Austria

When mastering life, women need power. When mastering life in times of crisis, women need superhuman powers. They must be superheroines. The Austrian legal framework does not consider the fact that women carry a disproportionate burden when the crises hit all of us. There is an urgent need to take (legal) measures to fight the significant socio-political consequences for women in their social and working environment.