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IBA Annual Conference Sydney 2017

8 Oct - 13 Oct 2017

Sydney, Sydney, Australia

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Roberta Danelon Leonhardt


Head of the Environmental Practices and Co-Head of the Multidisciplinary Teams of Crisis Management and ESG at Machado Meyer Law Firm, Roberta Danelon Leonhardt is a specialist in environmental law, having outstanding performance in the management of complex environmental crises due to her skills in the composition of multiple interests in negotiation processes. Leonhardt’s work embraces the coordination of working teams for the provision of environmental assistance in matters related to the implementation of potentially polluting projects and the analysis of environmental liabilities, support to investors and financial institutions for the identification and management of environmental risks, as well as working with environmental agencies and the Public Attorneys Office. Leonhardt is renowned in the Environmental Litigation market due to her negotiation skills and her solid base in the environmental area. She has also experience in assisting clients in a wide range of segments, such as infrastructure, logistics, food and beverage, chemicals, real estate, agribusiness, steel, mining, automotive, banking, pharmaceuticals, and heavy industry in general. Member of the Steering Committee of Machado Meyer (2017) Member of the Executive Council of Machado Meyer (2018 - 2021) Member of the Diversity Committee of Machado Meyer (2014-2017) Member of the Professional Quality Committee of Machado Meyer (2018-2019) Member of the Marketing and Business Development Committee of Machado Meyer (2023) Coordinator of the Environmental Committee for the Centro de Estudos de Sociedades de Advogados (Studies Center of Law Firms - CESA) (2014-2019) Member and Officer of the International Bar Association (IBA) (Programme Officer, Environment, Health, and Safety Law Committee, 2015-2016 and Vice-Chair, Environment, Health and Safety Law Committee, 2017-2018, Senior Vice Chair 2019, Chair 2023)



Environmental and health challenges in developing countries: legal frameworks and responses

Wednesday 11 October (1430 - 1730)

Room C3.2, Convention Centre, Level 3