The Anti-Corruption Committee's November 2021 Editor's note

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Dear members,

As the world is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, the IBA is preparing for its forthcoming in-person conferences and the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee (ACC) remains extremely busy.

In this e-Bulletin, we have a host of interesting contributions spanning civil forfeiture, anti-corruption law enhancements, disclosure obligations, economic sanctions and certification under ISO 37001. We trust these excellent submissions shall make compelling reading and thank our contributors for sharing their insights.

To those of you who missed the IBA ACC’s recent webinar, a recap is provided below:

On 20 October 2021 ‘The impact of the institution of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) on the fight against corruption’ took place, presented by Fabio Cagnola and Tomasz Konopka. The webinar saw the participation of distinguished public prosecutors and professionals from across Europe who gave the audience their perspective on this new institution. The group had the opportunity to: (1) assess the legislation regarding the EPPO and the current EU legislative landscape regarding corruption; (2) discuss the current system; (3) exchange views on how the EPPO may effectively fight corruption and what each EU Member State should do in order to contribute to the effectiveness of the EPPO’s tasks and activities; (4) explore how the EPPO may enhance the opportunities for negotiated settlements, particularly in cross-border cases and; (5) whether reports are piling up and if new investigations of cases have already commenced. The recording is available here.

The IBA ACC has also published three filmed interviews to showcase the diverse spectrum of anti-corruption law practitioners. These are:

  • Leopoldo Pagotto’s interview with Homero Andretta Junior, Attorney at the Attorney General's Office for Brazil and Director of International Affairs;
  • James Tillen’s interview with Kate Cameron Atkinson, Chair of Miller & Chevalier, Washington, DC; and
  • Nicolla Bonnuci’s interview with Daniëlle Goudriaan from the EPPO.

All interviews are available to watch on the ACC’s homepage.

Further, don’t miss out on upcoming ACC webinars: ‘Negotiated justice - settlements in bribery enforcement actions across Asia’ takes place on 26 November and ‘Corruption and the threat to the Rule of Law: How democracy is endangered?’, a webinar jointly presented by the ACC and the IBA Young Lawyers Committee, is on 14 December.

We wish you happy reading and look forward to your next round of submissions.

Kind regards,

Sherbir Panag

Newsletter Officer, IBA Anti-Corruption Committee


Juliana Daniel

Newsletter Officer, IBA Anti-Corruption Committee