IBA Annual Conference Sydney 2017

8 Oct - 13 Oct 2017

Room C3.5, Convention Centre, Level 3

Session information

Drivers of change: trade agreements, technology and the future of trading legal services cross border

Tuesday 10 October (0930 - 1230)

Room C3.5, Convention Centre, Level 3


BIC International Trade in Legal Services Committee (Lead)
Alternative and New Law Business Structures Committee
Bar Issues Commission Regulation Committee


This session will look at the role that technology is playing in reshaping the potential for legal services to be traded across borders. The potential has long existed for legal services to be disaggregated and outsourced, but online tools are now increasingly targeting consumer markets for legal services. As with many other service sectors, lawyers are thus becoming dependent on relative freedom of data flows and vulnerable to costs associated with requirements to localise the storage of data. At the same time, data protection laws, e-commerce and distance-selling regulations are expanding unevenly, leaving some jurisdictions heavily regulated and some unregulated for non-resident lawyers. But in neither case has the interaction of trade and regulation of legal services been explicitly considered. So how, if at all, do trade agreements deal with these issues? What role should they play in the future?

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Iain Sandford Sidley Austin LLP, Geneva, Switzerland; Secretary, BIC International Trade in Legal Services Committee


Chunghwan Choi Yulchon LLC, Seoul, South Korea; Bar Representative, IBA Officers
Hanim Hamzah KPMG, Singapore, Singapore
Iain Miller Kingsley Napley, London, England