28th Annual Communications and Competition Conference

24 Apr - 25 Apr 2017

Session information

Where is the bottleneck? Network, device, content or data? Privacy issues


Antitrust Section (Lead)
Communications Law Committee (Lead)


This panel will discuss a number of questions: what is the new essential facility in the digital communications era? Still network? Or data? Or content? Or device? How does privacy play a role in all this? And how it may affect the competition: may the data become a source of market power and whether the availability of data can distort competition or can a conduct involving data infringe competition laws?

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Violetta Kunze Djingov Gouginski Kyutchukov & Velichkov, Sofia, Bulgaria; Vice Chair, Communications Law Committee
Munesh Mahtani Via Transportation, London, England; Website Officer, Antitrust Section


Geoffrey A Manne International Center for Law & Economics, Portland, Oregon, USA
Lokke Moerel Morrison & Foerster LLP, Berlin, Germany
Volker Stapper Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, Germany