3rd Annual Investing in Africa Conference

22 Jun - 23 Jun 2017

Session information

Funding Africa's growth


European Regional Forum (Lead)
North American Regional Forum Advisory Board (Lead)
African Regional Forum
Banking & Financial Law Committee
Mining Law Committee
Oil and Gas Law Committee
Power Law Committee


This panel will focus on the challenges facing African, foreign and multilateral banks in responding to the continent’s funding needs. • How to reduce the cost of spreads and overheads? What are the benefits of bank consolidation, hubs strategies, new entrants, bank ratings and credit insurance? • Competition between banks, disintermediated financiers, telecommunication industries and FinTechs – what are the stakes and opportunities? • Focus on financial regulation: Is harmonisation feasible? Is the European regulation an appropriate model? • Responses to African legal fragmentation: What are the benefits of standardising financing contracts, harmonising regional legal systems and resolving disputes though arbitration?