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6th Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference

27 Feb - 1 Mar 2019

Hotel New Otani

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Cryptocurrency at the crossroads
Hotel New Otani


Asia Pacific Regional Forum (Lead)


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is under way. The next 20 years will be a time of upheaval. Old patterns of human endeavour and commerce will vanish as new technologies and business models such as artificial intelligence, super-connectivity, Internet of Things, new energy, gig economy – take over. This session will focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, potentially the gearbox for much of the “New Order”.

Will cryptocurrency turn out to be paradigm-shifting? Our panel will survey the regulatory and policy landscape for cryptocurrency and crypto trading around the region, with comparison to the United States and European Union. Among the patterns and trends to be covered, we will consider crypto transactional structuring in the context of general securities regulation, and look at the impact of Anti-Money Laundering rules and other banking constraints. Aspects will include cross-jurisdictional trading, tax issues, and controversies surrounding Initial Coin Offerings.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Sky Yang Bae Kim & Lee LLC, Seoul, South Korea; Co-Chair, Asia Pacific Regional Forum


ZiHui Gu Enlighten Law Group, Shanghai, China
Matthias Kuert CMS von Erlach Poncet AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Masakazu Masujima MORI HAMADA & MATSUMOTO, Tokyo, Japan
Ramiro Rodriguez Duane Morris & Selvam, Singapore, Singapore
Benjamin Sauter Kobre & Kim, New York, New York, USA