Mergers and acquisitions in Latin America in a challenging world

2 May - 4 May 2022

Session information

Breakout session 4: Women entrepreneurship in Latin America


Closely Held Companies Committee (Lead)
Latin American Regional Forum (Lead)


The purpose of this panel is to discuss motivation, limitations and the impact of Covid-19 to the development of female entrepreneurship in Latin America, and what the roles of the private sector are to provide the right environment to encourage new women-led businesses in all sectors in the Latin American region, as well as to consolidate and increase the presence of female leaders in the corporate sector.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Fabiola Cavalcanti TozziniFreire Advogados, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Pro Bono Initiatives Officer, Latin American Regional Forum
Luciana Tornovsky Demarest Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil; Senior Vice Chair, Closely Held Companies Committee


Patricia Cordeiro Nader GK Ventures, São Paulo, Brazil
Patricia Ellen Da Silva Governo de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Victoria Funes Bomchil, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Danielle Jesus Duty Cosmeticos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil