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Global Professional Ethics Symposium - challenges and opportunities of the new normal for ethics in the legal profession

16 Jun - 17 Jun 2022

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The new normal for lawyers after the Covid pandemic


In this session we will consider the new reality for trial lawyers representing clients before the Courts, Tribunals and other fora.  During the pandemic, web-based platforms, such as Zoom and
Teams, have been facilitated to hear evidence, cross examine witnesses, make oral submissions and exchange documents. This is likely to continue, at least to some extent in most jurisdictions.
Concerns have been raised that the rights of vulnerable social groups and those who for one reason or another do not have access to technology are or will be denied access to justice, equality before the law and due process.
• When are those concerns justified ?
• How can they be overcome?
• What are the ethical challenges for lawyers in safeguarding the rights of their clients, witnesses and the common good?


Olexander Droug Sayenko Kharenko, Kyiv, Ukraine
Stefano Manacorda Chiomenti Studio Legale, Rome, Italy