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Virtual fever, the new pandemic? News and Trends in Intellectual Property, Communications, Media, Technology, Art and Outer Space Law Conference

11 Oct - 12 Oct 2021

Session information

How is 5G changing the telco paradigm and what are the legal challenges?


Communications Law Committee (Lead)


For the past year, the telecommunications field has had to drive through a challenging road to shape the main pillars and standards for 5G. Nowadays, in a time when most of the developed countries have already granted licenses for deploying and operating 5G networks within their territories, a series of legal, regulatory, competition and security concerns around 5G has the potential to make the path for achieving its full development not as smooth as it could be.

Notwithstanding states and supranational organisation have always treated telecommunications as a strategic matter, the arrival of 5G along with the commercial and technological race - mainly led by the USA and China - has compelled such entities to consider 5G networks as one of the most significant national and international economic and security issues of recent years. Thus, the telecommunications community is focusing on analysing how to deal with the expected 5G deployment pace and the swift emergence of innovative 5G applications within a robust legal and regulatory framework that could protect national interests, ensure free competition, and guarantee citizens/consumers digital rights.

This panel will address the legal and regulatory challenges for the deployment and operation of 5G networks, especially concerning infrastructure and equipment, cybersecurity, technology dependence, new applications, and the need of coordination between states and supranational organisations.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Vittorio Noseda NCTM Studio Legal Associato, Milan, Italy; Senior Vice Chair, Communications Law Committee
Alfonso Silva Carey y Cia, Santiago, Chile; Co-Chair, Communications Law Committee


Pascal Dutru Communications Regulatory Authority, Doha, Qatar; Secretary, Communications Law Committee
Diane Helena Mullenex Pinsent Masons LLP, London, England; Chair, Electronic Entertainment and Online Gaming Subcommittee
Søren Skibsted Kromann Reumert, Copenhagen, Denmark; Immediate Past Chair, Technology Law Committee
Peter Stuckmann European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Christopher Watson CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang, London, England; Co-Chair, IBA Diversity & Inclusion Council