Technology Resources for Arbitration Practitioners - Audio and videoconferencing

Audio and videoconferencing has long been an option for connecting parties, witnesses, experts, arbitrators and counsel in geographically distant locales. Virtually all arbitrations involve the use of ‘dial-in’ numbers to host conference calls, but fewer arbitrations take advantage of videoconferencing.

Used properly, videoconferencing can reduce costs and improve the efficiency, convenience and efficacy of cross-border arbitration; for example, by making it possible to examine witnesses unable or unwilling to travel to the hearing site or enabling the arbitral tribunal to conduct procedural conferences with counsel ‘face to face’ without incurring additional costs or scheduling difficulties. Older technology often resulted in poor video quality or difficulties in connectivity and required the assistance of technical experts in order to establish the video connection, contributing to parties’ reluctance to rely on the technology. Today’s audio and videoconferencing technology may allow for better connectivity, greater ease of use, and enhanced clarity, quality and security. Below are some providers of advanced audio and videoconferencing services.

Disclaimer: Due to the very nature and dynamics of the subject of this guide, the examples should not be considered exhaustive, and merely represent a sample of the potential applications available. There are numerous other vendors that provide similar services and products to the ones described, and the presence of any particular vendor or product in this guide does not reflect any qualitative judgment about the suitability or capability of that vendor or product. The goal is to periodically update and edit the guide to reflect new technological advances, and add new or delete obsolete, applications, programs or vendors. The IBA Arb40 Subcommittee does not endorse or recommend any particular technology, vendor, software or program listed below, nor can it vouch for the security, cost or appropriateness of any of the listed technology, which must be assessed by practitioners on a case-by-case basis. The descriptions of particular programs, software and vendors were not provided by the vendors themselves, and the IBA Arb40 Subcommittee takes no responsibility for errors in those descriptions. All technology should be thoroughly explored and vetted by the arbitration practitioner prior to use.