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Communications Law Committee

The Communications Law Committee is a leading global forum for legal practitioners with specialist expertise or interest in the communications sector.

About the Committee

The Communications Law Committee is a leading global forum for legal practitioners with specialist expertise or interest in the communications sector.

The Committee offers members access to a worldwide network of leading practitioners, in-house counsel and regulators active in digital, communications and media markets.

We encourage the sharing of sectoral expertise through regular publication of articles, periodic issues of our technical journal, the annual committee conference hosted jointly with IBA Antitrust Section, and specialised sessions at the IBA Annual Conference.

The scope of the Committee’s work covers network, service and content-related developments across all delivery platforms. This provides members with access to practical global perspectives on the array of technological, commercial and policy issues which confront communications lawyers, their companies and clients.

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Committee Activities

The Committee organises many activities throughout the year, providing members with invaluable opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments in communications and digital law, share practical insights, and network with in-house and private practice lawyers as well as with regulators.

From the Co-Chairs – Communications Law

An introduction to the August 2021 IBA Communications Law Committee newsletter

Released on Aug 02, 2021

New Steps into Media Regulation: German Pioneer Legislation for Platforms, User Interfaces and Intermediaries

This article addresses Germany’s new State Treaty on the modernisation of media legislation (Medienstaatsvertrag or MStV). Special emphasis is given to the aims of new media regulation, in particular the regulation of media platforms, user interfaces and media intermediaries.

Released on Aug 02, 2021

The Brazilian National Data Protection Authority’s Established Guidelines on Best Practice Regarding Data Breaches

Incidences of several cases of data leaks reported in Brazil in early February 2021, has resulted in the Brazilian Data Protection Authority (ANPD) issuing general guidelines on how data subjects and data processing agents should proceed when they are involved in data breaches

Released on Aug 02, 2021

The European Commission’s Ambitious Regulatory Agenda in the Field of Digital Services and AI: a status update from Brussels on the DSA, DMA and AI Act

The European Commission has demonstrated an extremely ambitious agenda for digital regulation with the publication of ground-breaking proposals to introduce new rules to regulate online platforms and govern the use of artificial intelligence (AI). These proposals, which are now under discussion in the European Parliament and Council, demonstrate a desire to set global standards for the regulation of digital platforms and services, and adopt legislation with extraterritorial reach to shape the way in which international companies conduct their business in the digital marketplace.

Released on Aug 02, 2021

Covid-19 pandemic: Communications Law Committee survey responses

April 2021: The IBA Communications Law Committee has published the initial results from its global survey exploring tracking mobile applications and data protection in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The results and associated commentary can be downloaded below.

Even as the much needed rollout of vaccines progresses, and we enter a world of 'vaccine passports', contact tracing will remain a critical aspect of government efforts to contain the pandemic. Therefore the IBA Communications Law Committee will continue to update the survey results and commentary over time. Members are encouraged to continue participating by reporting on the Covid-19 tracing apps and data protection issues relevant to your country.

Download the results


Brendan Carr, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission - keynote address

Brendan Carr, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, addresses delegates of the 30th Annual IBA Communications and Competition Conference, April 2019, Milan

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