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Communications Law Committee

The Communications Law Committee is a leading global forum for legal practitioners with specialist expertise or interest in the communications sector.

About the Committee

The Communications Law Committee is a leading global forum for legal practitioners with specialist expertise or interest in the communications sector.

The Committee offers members access to a worldwide network of leading practitioners, in-house counsel and regulators active in digital, communications and media markets.

We encourage the sharing of sectoral expertise through regular publication of articles, periodic issues of our technical journal, the annual committee conference hosted jointly with IBA Antitrust Section, and specialised sessions at the IBA Annual Conference.

The scope of the Committee’s work covers network, service and content-related developments across all delivery platforms. This provides members with access to practical global perspectives on the array of technological, commercial and policy issues which confront communications lawyers, their companies and clients.

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Committee Activities

The Committee organises many activities throughout the year, providing members with invaluable opportunities to keep abreast of the latest developments in communications and digital law, share practical insights, and network with in-house and private practice lawyers as well as with regulators.

EU privacy and data protection in the age of the coronavirus

Privacy and data protection rules should not be an obstacle in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, users’ safeguards should be upheld: this is the basic assumption that should guide national authorities currently facing the Covid-19 emergency, who are looking for technological instruments to make their actions more effective (such as access and treatment of citizens’ personal data, and the use of tracing applications).

Released on Mar 26, 2020

Covid tracing apps: a comparison of different approaches

As the global community struggled to contain the Covid-19 pandemic throughout 2020, various international governments incorporated new data-driven technologies within their suite of regulatory tools to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Italian Communications Authority issues copyright enforcement measures against Telegram

The Italian Communications Authority (AGCOM) has initiated proceedings for online copyright infringement on the application of publishing industry rights holders. The applicants claimed that public channels on the instant messaging platform illegally made thousands of journalistic and literary works from their catalogues available for downloading. AGCOM’s moral persuasion proved pertinent, as Telegram spontaneously removed them. Most recently, emergency legislation has introduced new provisions expanding A

Chile: digital economy developments and challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, from a TMT law perspective

There is no doubt that the digital economy – also known as the new economy, the web economy, or the internet economy – is now part of our concrete reality and has become essential to the global economy. Its exponential growth over the past few months has been greatly boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has compelled people to depend more than ever on electronic communications. This boost has however, required tenacious efforts from public and private entities to eliminate and/or reduce barriers posed b

EU Court of Justice rules on zero-rating

By a decision dated 15 September 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that zero-rating practices are banned under Regulation 2015/2120, the Regulation that introduced net neutrality provisions into the EU framework.

Covid-19 pandemic: Communications Law Committee survey responses

April 2021: The IBA Communications Law Committee has published the initial results from its global survey exploring tracking mobile applications and data protection in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The results and associated commentary can be downloaded below.

Even as the much needed rollout of vaccines progresses, and we enter a world of 'vaccine passports', contact tracing will remain a critical aspect of government efforts to contain the pandemic. Therefore the IBA Communications Law Committee will continue to update the survey results and commentary over time. Members are encouraged to continue participating by reporting on the Covid-19 tracing apps and data protection issues relevant to your country.

Download the results


Brendan Carr, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission - keynote address

Brendan Carr, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, addresses delegates of the 30th Annual IBA Communications and Competition Conference, April 2019, Milan

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