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Women Lawyers' Committee

The Women Lawyers' Committee of the International Bar Association offers a forum for its members from all over the world to engage, network and share knowledge of topics of global significance to women lawyers.

About the Committee

The Women Lawyers’ Committee (WLC) aspires to empower its 3000 highly valued members from all over the world to engage, network and share knowledge. The committee was originally an interest group which was introduced as an IBA constituent in 1996 to allow efficient global networking of women lawyers.

WLC aims to level the playing field in the legal profession and inspire leaders to work to achieve gender parity. It's 20 committee officers create awareness tools to help the profession achieve this goal, while at the same time facilitate an efficient global network for women lawyers to connect and develop business and expertise, supported by its Advisory board.

We welcome members with all genders and encourage all perspectives and remain a committee dedicated to the cause of women lawyers.

 8 March 2024

In honour of International Women’s Day, the Women Lawyers’ Committee of the @International Bar Association brought strong women and allies from all across the world together to celebrate the women who came before us and those who continue to work towards a more inclusive world.

In furthering its goal of leveling the playing field in the legal profession, inspiring leaders to achieve gender parity and facilitating an efficient global network for women lawyers, the Committee looks forward to hosting the 10th Annual World Women Lawyers’ Conference in Toronto from October 23-25, 2024. To learn more, click here: https://airdberlis.co/48IyIok

IBA Outstanding International Woman Lawyer Award

The Women Lawyers’ Committee offers a forum for women members from across the world to discuss topics of global significance to women practitioners. Apart from fostering women lawyers’ business potentials, the Group also aims to provide informal advice and assistance in areas of interest.

The IBA Women Lawyers’ Committee invite you to nominate a female lawyer who you believe is deserving of this prestigious award. The Women Lawyers’ Committee would like to thank LexisNexis for their generous support of the Award.

Applications to this Award are currently closed and will reopen later in 2024.

Visit this page for further details.

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Toolkit for Sponsorship Programmes in Law Firms

Toolkit for Sponsorship Programmes in Law Firms

Women make up the majority of law students and graduates globally, however this is not reflected in the statistics of those working at senior levels, across all legal sectors, where women still constitute a far smaller proportion than their male counterparts. When women are not equally represented on management level, young female talent lack role models as they cannot identify with leadership which creates an identity distance and leads to them feeling less entitled to leadership positions than their male counterparts. This creates a barrier in women’s ambition and entitlement and means that women lawyers do not have the same basis and support for aiming high, having aspirations, and becoming leaders. To allow for the inequality on management level to equalise, the need for law firms to have formal sponsorship best practices and to install requirements for male leaders to sponsor up-and-coming women lawyers have been accentuated.

Male Champions for Change

Male Champions for Change

The WLC welcomes members of all genders, encourages all perspectives and remains a Committee dedicated to the cause of women lawyers. In this respect, the WLC recognises and seeks to enhance the role of male champions for change as catalysts for the goals described above. This document summarises why this is important and what the WLC proposes specifically regarding the ‘Male Champions for Change’ Initiative.

Mentorship toolkit

Mentorship toolkit

The IBA Women Lawyers' Committee Mentorship Toolkit is aimed at allowing law firms or lawyers interested in mentorship to take advantage of the know-how of other firms. Many studies reveal that implementing mentorship programmes will not only help mentees, but the mentors too in understanding the importance of leadership, diversity and inclusion. The toolkit will include methodology to establish a mentorship programme, including guidance on how to select mentors and pair them with mentees.

Download toolkit (PDF)


WLC New Year’s Letter 2023

This is certainly the case for the WLC as we reflect on all of the incredible experiences and pro-jects that last year comprised, including hosting the 9th World Women Lawyers' Conference in Copenhagen (with around 200 participants!), hosting a lovely lunch and leading 3 insightful panels during the IBA Annual Conference in Miami, launching and promoting the very well-received Mentorship Toolkit

Released on Feb 07, 2023

WLC New Year’s Letter 2022

The new year is off to a great start. Our committee’s name change has enthusiastically been approved, so we are officially now the Women Lawyers' Committee ("WLC")!

Released on Feb 14, 2022

From the Editors, Women Lawyers’ Interest Group, March 2021

A message from the Editors of the Women Lawyers' Interest Group, March 2021

From the Officers, Women Lawyers' Interest Group, October 2020

A message from the Officers of the Women Lawyers' Interest Group, October 2020


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Subcommittees and other groups

The Women Lawyers' Committee also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

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  • Women Lawyers' Committee Projects Subcommittee

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