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Young Lawyers' Committee

In 2004, a common understanding was reached that the IBA needed to do more to attract young lawyers to join the association and become active and engaged in its various committees, groups and initiatives. Therefore, the Young Lawyers' Committee (YLC) was founded with a clear focus on young colleagues and their aims and interests.

About the Committee

The major goal of all YLC activities is to create a win-win situation in which young colleagues can enhance their skills and networks thanks to IBA programmes, conferences and other projects, while simultaneously providing the IBA and its constituents with fresh ideas and a vivid contact to the next generation of legal experts and counsel.

Having said this, it is safe to say that all our activities have a significant impact on the promotion of the IBA amongst young lawyers and their willingness to join and become active therein. Apart from attracting young colleagues to join our Committee, we further motivate them to become active in the IBA’s Legal Practice Division, Public and Professional Interest Division, Bar Issues Commission and Regional Fora.

The objectives of the Young Lawyers’ Committee are to identify, discuss and promote issues involving young lawyers both around the world and within the association. The YLC aims to achieve this by means of fluid communications with the other IBA Committees so that their relevant activities and programmes can be actively promoted to young lawyers as well as by getting young lawyers involved directly by recommending them as speakers. Other means of communication applied by the Committee are our Newsletters and E-bulletins, which are published around 3 times per year. Here, the Officers of the YLC report on their activities and projects while young colleagues from all over the world submit articles on topics in their jurisdictions they consider being of interest for the Committee.

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From the Co-Chairs, Young Lawyers' Committee, October 2020

A note from the Co-Chairs of the Young Lawyers' Committee, October 2020.

How now, purple cow? What Fintechs can teach the legal profession about being remarkable - Young Lawyers' Committee

In an era of relentless innovation and disruption, are lawyers keeping pace with the rest of the world, or do they need to create purple cows? In this essay, submitted as part of the IBA Senior Lawyers’ and Young Lawyers’ Committee Scholarship, Stella Loong discusses what the legal profession can learn from Fintechs.

Artificial intelligence is not the future, but the present

For good or bad, the digital revolution is transforming the world. The legal profession is not untouchable. Our duty is to promptly embrace the challenge, engage in the conversation and make sure that this will enhance our practice rather than make us obsolete.

Post-Covid-19 practice for young lawyers: an entrepreneurial partner or a technological associate?

An article looking at the world of work for young lawyers in the post-Covid-19 landscape, and the advantages they have.

The impact of Covid-19 on the legal profession in Nigeria

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on all sectors of Nigerian society and the legal profession has not been exempt from this fallout. In March 2020, the Nigerian President announced a total lockdown of Abuja and Lagos, which was eased on 4 May. Lockdown meant that all non-essential businesses closed, including law firms.

Outstanding Young Lawyer Award

Each year, the IBA’s Young Lawyers’ Committee presents an award to a young lawyer who has shown not only excellence in their work and achievements in their career to date, but also a commitment to professional and ethical standards as well as a commitment to the larger community.


The award, created in partnership with the IBA and LexisNexis, is in recognition of William Reece Smith Jr. A former IBA President, William Reece Smith Jr, who passed away in 2013, distinguished himself as one the finest and most respected legal experts. In a career spanning more than 50 years, he demonstrated leadership in the legal profession as an accomplished lawyer, an extensively published legal scholar and lecturer, a mentor and an outstanding community servant. In addition, Mr Smith exemplified a commitment to advancing many charitable and civic causes, most notably in his support for legal services to the poor. LexisNexis is delighted to sponsor an award in his name to recognise a young lawyer who has demonstrated outstanding professionalism.

The winner is invited to accept the award during the IBA’s Annual Conference. LexisNexis sponsorship provides a contribution of $5,500 to their attendance.

Watch the Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award 10th Anniversary film, featuring interviews with previous years' winners of the prestigious award:

Subcommittees and other groups

The Young Lawyers' Committee also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

  • Young Lawyers’ Committee Advisory Board
  • Young Lawyers’ Outreach Subcommittee