IBA China Working Group

About the China Working Group

The China Working Group (“CWG”) of the IBA Asia Pacific Forum was created in late 2015 to raise awareness in the Chinese legal community (members and non-members of the IBA) about the IBA activities and initiatives in China, in the region and worldwide. Since China is one of the largest growing markets, the CWG is working on different projects related to opportunities with governmental organizations, the private practitioners and legal associations. The China Working Group aim is to better understand the needs of Chinese lawyers and the Chinese legal community and recruit more speakers and attendees to IBA events in the region and work on specific Asia/China initiatives.

The objectives of the CWG include:

  • advising the IBA members on activities in China and keeping IBA members aware of various events and initiatives in Chine, in the region and worldwide;
  • providing input on issues specific to China including opportunities with governmental organisations and legal associations;
  • reaching out to non-members, including in-house counsel and academia in China to take part of the IBA initiatives and join as member to enrich the IBA membership as a whole;
  • promoting IBA conferences, projects, and programmes and supporting IBA members with interests in China by making known important legal developments in China;
  • acting as a central hub for information and ensuring that IBA members based in mainland China have the opportunity to become more involved, by planning and participating in events as attendees or speakers;
  • issuing newsletters 2 to 3 times annually in Chinese and English to inform the Chinese legal community of the changes in laws/regulations. Articles are written by the China Working Group member and IBA members;
  • helping conferences organisation held in China; and
  • getting more Chinese speakers at IBA events.

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Taiwan real estate inheritance case study

There are mainly two ways of distributing real estate inheritance in Taiwan: allocating real estate to certain successors while reimbursing others, or forcibly selling the real estate and equally distributing the proceeds.

Released on Jun 22, 2022

Pakistan tightens restrictions on social media giants

This article considers Pakistan’s crackdown on social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, and the relationship between these restrictions and the right to freedom of expression.

Released on Jun 22, 2022

Sustainability-linked derivatives: will India be a world leader in the next stage of green finance?

This article explores India’s position among the growing movement to align the global financial system with sustainable development.

Released on Jun 22, 2022

An introduction to India’s new privacy regime

This article offers an overview of India’s new draft data privacy law.

Released on Jun 22, 2022

An interpretation of the Special Administrative Measures for Foreign Investment Access (Negative List) (2021)

This article provides an interpretation of China’s Special Administrative Measures for Foreign Investment Access, as introduced in December 2021.

Released on Jun 22, 2022

Exhaustion of rights and liability for joint tort – the hazards of e-commerce platforms

With the pandemic hitting hard, online shopping has become the new normal. The pandemic accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and fuelled e-commerce growth, not just on a business-to-consumer basis but on a consumer-to-consumer basis as goods and services become more ‘fluid’ and transactions become less territorial. This article considers the hazards of using e-commerce platforms for various transactions.

Released on Apr 29, 2022

Data compliance: challenges to foreign companies doing business in and relating to China

The Chinese data protection legislations, although they transplant many ideas contained in the GDPR, form a different regime for data protection. This article observes China’s key data protection laws and the challenges these pose to foreign companies doing business in China.

Released on Apr 29, 2022

Tax compliance in the context of live e-commerce

The webcasting industry has played an important role in the development of the digital economy and the emerging entertainment ecosystem in recent years, but this development has highlighted new issues in tax compliance for the live e-commerce industry.

Released on Apr 05, 2022

Highlights of the revised draft of the Company Law of China

On 24 December 2021, the revised draft of the Company Law of China was released to solicit public opinion following its deliberation. The revisions reflect the development of business environment improvement and property rights protection in China and include several remarkable changes to current legislation.

Released on Apr 05, 2022

Hot topics in compliance part two – anti-corruption compliance trends in the US, UK and Hong Kong

The enforcement of global anti-corruption regulations by various governments worldwide has created heightened compliance regulations for companies globally. This webinar discussed the different anti-corruption regimes in three different jurisdictions respectively, as well as comparing the similarities in the compliance requirements.

Released on Mar 23, 2022