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Monday 7 August 2023

Future of Legal Services

Oct 2023

White paperThis heatmap identifies the key issues affecting the legal profession and then assesses the likely impact of those issues and how ready the profession is to respond to them.

Survey on ESG public disclosures

May 2023

ReportThis survey aims to assess how different jurisdictions regulate environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures and to determine whether and to what extent ESG disclosures are now mandatory due to prevailing regulatory trends and institutional investors’ demands.

External relationships – how to deepen client relationships to retain them for a lifetime

March 2023

WebinarThis session discusses how we make time to build lasting client relationships in business.

Good Governance in Law Firms

Apr 2023

BookGood governance has become a critical condition for law firms of all sizes to meet the new, fast-moving opportunities of fast-changing markets for legal services — much more than just having a good partnership agreement.

Managing Talent for Success – Talent Development in Law Firms, Second Edition

Nov 2020

BookThis book reveals the various strategies that law firms can take to foster and maintain their lawyers’ naturally high level of motivation and search for excellence so that they can deploy their full potential.

ESG Toolkit

Sept 2021

GuideThe Law Firm Management Committee has prepared an ESG Toolkit to help members understand the scope and importance of ESG from a law firm management perspective.

Law Firm Strategies for the 21st Century – Strategies for Success, Second Edition

Sept 2020

BookThis book aims to help partners understand what they can do to chart the course of their firm most effectively, covering current topics such as digitalisation, client acquisition and retention.

Managing a law firm in Africa

Sept 2021

WebinarA series of webinars on law firm management in Africa, covering future-proofing, business development and fostering leadership and growth. A collaboration between the Law Firm Management Committee and the African Regional Forum.