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Law Firm Management Committee

The mission of the Law Firm Management Committee is to be a leading global forum for the exchange of best practices in law practice leadership and management through sharing and discussing concepts, experience, knowledge and trends on law firm and law practice management issues and topics.

About the Committee

The Committee’s diverse membership is drawn from the profession around the world and from firms of all sizes and areas of practice. 

The Committee pursues its mission through a number of activities including the annual IBA conference at which the Committee regularly offers a wide range of sessions addressing current top-of-mind issues; regional conferences, generally in coordination with the IBA's regional fora, which address current law firm management issues of regional interest; webinar programs; e-bulletins; and our publications and other material accessible to members on our website.

Once you join the Committee, you may actively contribute to its work by:

  • Joining one of the Committee’s five subcommittees: Strategy and Finance; Business Development and Marketing; Talent and Leadership; Knowledge Management and IT; or Small and Medium Firms;
  • Contributing to Law Firm Management publications including the e-bulletins; and
  • More generally, sharing your own know-how while learning from others and participating actively at IBA conferences and the committee events and initiatives including its webinars.

ESG Toolkit for Law Firms

The Law Firm Management Committee has prepared an ESG Toolkit to help members understand the scope and importance of ESG from a law firm management perspective, have an easy tool to self-analyse their firm’s current ESG compatibility and have ready guidance on what steps and actions need to be taken for efficiently integrating ESG and further improving their firm’s overall ESG compatibility.

Business Development and Marketing Subcommittee 'how to' guides

Written by members, these practical guides share a wealth and breadth of experience on legal business development and marketing topics, with new guides being published each month.

IBA Annual Conference: top tips, Business Development and Marketing Subcommittee guide, September 2023
This article states how to get the most of our the IBA Annual Conference

IBA Global Showcase: top tips, October 2021
This article contains some top tips so readers can make the most of the IBA Global Showcase.

Returning to in-person business development? August 2021
This article examines the prospect of returning to in-person business development, as some jurisdictions start going back into the office and others rethink office plans in the face of further waves of Covid-19.

How to bid successfully, July 2021
Bids, tenders and pitching for work is part of life for every law firm. However, firms that don’t have a clear bids strategy and process, aligned to the firm’s growth plans can spend a lot of time and money with little return. This guide shares some top tips to help improve your bid and pitch win rate.

How to make the transition from face-to-face to virtual meetings, June 2021
Particularly in the legal profession, having face-to-face meetings are essential to build up and maintain a relationship with clients, members of staff and other persons important to your practice. For most of us this has changed drastically overnight when working from home became the norm.

Hosting client events virtually, May 2021
Social distancing and travel restrictions means attending face-to-face conferences and networking events are on pause for the near future. More and more events and conferences are becoming virtual, which means a change in tactics when it comes to hosting, attending and networking.

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Law Firm Management Committee – reports from 2023 IBA Annual Conference in Paris

This report recaps some of the highlights of the Law Firm Management Committee sessions at the 2023 IBA Annual Conference.

Released on Feb 23, 2024

Webinar report: ‘How women can be rainmakers and control their destiny’

This article is a recap of the webinar titled ‘How women can be rainmakers and control their destiny’, which took place on 16 May 2023 and was presented by the IBA Law Firm Management Committee, with support from the IBA Women Lawyers’ Committee and IBA Young Lawyers’ Committee.

Released on Jun 07, 2023


Legal Aspects of Climate Change Adaptation

Our report from Paris

The following items recap a few of the wonderful programs put together by the Law Firm Management Committee at the 2023 annual conference in Paris.

Subcommittees and other groups

The Law Firm Management Committee also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

  • Law Firm Management - Business Development and Marketing Subcommittee
  • Law Firm Management - ESG Subcommittee
  • Law Firm Management - Knowledge Management and IT Subcommittee
  • Law Firm Management - Projects Subcommittee
  • Law Firm Management - Strategy and Finance Subcommittee
  • Law Firm Management - Talent and Leadership Subcommittee
  • Law Firm Management CEO Subcommittee
  • Law Firm Management Committee Advisory Board
  • Law Firm Management- AI & Technology Subcommittee
  • Small and Medium Firms Subcommittee

Join us on LinkedIn

If you are a member of the Law Firm Management Committee, for additional networking opportunities, programs, interviews with fellow members and tips all exclusive to LFMC members, join our LinkedIn page at: www.linkedin.com/groups/12547868.


Covid-19 crisis management and law firms

As the world of work changed in response to Covid-19, law firms have adapted to the situation.

Highly experienced law firm leaders from around the globe discuss the challenges and steps taken – from the technological to the logistical, from managing staff wellbeing and communications to responding to client demands.

Covid-19 guidelines and information for law firms

The Law Firm Management Committee has provided members with guidelines and information for law firms in relation to Covid-19, to stimulate thought and action.

IBA Law Firm Governance Initiative: Best Practice Guidelines

Download the guidelines here.