Brazil’s path towards a space-friendly regulation: advances on insurance for space launches on Brazilian territory

In the wake of new provisions for space activities in the Brazilian legal framework, national authorities enacted a third part of the Brazilian Space Regulation focused on insurance requirements for private companies that seek to promote space launch or re-entry activities from the Brazilian territory. This article aims to explore some of the features and conditions established by the Brazilian regulation amidst the expectations that it will further contribute to the development of the Brazilian space sector.

Disputes over space mining on the horizon?

In November 2022, the Japanese Government authorised the private company iSpace to conduct commercial activities on the moon, including the extraction of regolith and its subsequent sale for profit to the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Anti-Corruption Committee sessions at the IBA Annual Conference, Miami, 30 October to 4 November 2022

This report outlines some of the topics discussed by panellists at sessions organised by the Anti-Corruption Committee at the IBA Annual Conference, Miami, 2022.

Fighting corruption in Brazil: Federal Decree No 11,129 of 11 July 2022, regulating anti-corruption law

The Anti-Corruption Law was first regulated, at the federal level, by Decree No 8,420 of 18 March 2015. On 12 July 2022, more than seven years later, Federal Decree No 11,129 of 11 July 2022, which regulates Anti-Corruption Law and repeals Decree No. 8,420/2015, was published by the Brazilian government. This article provides a detailed overview of the new Decree.

Overview of the AFA’s survey regarding French companies’ anti-corruption systems

Law No 2016-1691 of 9 December 2016 on transparency, the fight against corruption and modernisation of economic life (Sapin II Law) requires certain companies to take measures to prevent and detect acts of corruption or influence peddling.

Officers’ liability under the FCPA and UKBA: risks to Indian operations

Directors and officers are at risk of personal liability under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act arising out of bribery-related misconduct in overseas corporate operations. These risks are heightened when it comes to operations in bureaucratic and corruption-prone countries. This article considers enforcement hot spots in India as well as potential precautionary measures to mitigate risks.

Conducting internal investigation interviews in Latin America: dos and don’ts

This article analyses the challenges which might be faced when conducting interviews in the context of internal investigations in Latin American countries. It also provides an insight into some of the best practices to adopt when conducting such interviews

Itaewon, Sewol and the promise of ‘never again’: compliance, speaking up and complex remediation in the realm of public safety*

In the anti-corruption compliance field, when we conduct internal investigations and subsequent root cause analyses, we seek to identify each critical point of failure that led to the undesired or improper conduct. This article considers the Itaewon disaster and subsequent responses from this perspective.

Closing the loophole on virtual assets: international challenges and impacts on Brazil

The regulation of virtual assets, which seemed unchartered territory only a few years ago, is increasingly gaining the attention of government authorities. In this regard, many governments worldwide have recently decided to strengthen their supervision and regulation of such assets – especially in view of growing concerns relating to investor and market security.

The Second Monaco Memo and its implications for Indian companies

This article analyses the latest revisions to the Monaco Memo and their possible implications for Indian companies and offers guidance on how to navigate the changes.

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