IBA Annual Conference Sydney 2017

8 Oct - 13 Oct 2017

Room C4.2, Convention Centre, Level 4

Session information

Fighting human trafficking, counterfeit goods and organised crime from a corporate perspective

Thursday 12 October (0930 - 1045)

Room C4.2, Convention Centre, Level 4


Criminal Law Committee (Lead)
Business Crime Committee
Business Human Rights Committee
Healthcare and Life Sciences Law Committee


Commerce and criminal activity continue to intersect as global trade routes and supply chains continue to proliferate. From seafood harvested through slave labour making its way to supermarket shelves and counterfeit goods manufactured in China and sold on city street corners, to legitimate traders being used to launder money through trade-based money laundering schemes, international criminal syndicates and cartels are insinuating themselves into global commerce. Corporate actors who can control their supply chain and brand are positioned to be powerful partners in the fight against organised crime and its profiting from legitimate commercial enterprises. This panel will present a variety of experts from across the legal spectrum to discuss how companies and their counsel can guard, and actively fight, against the invasion of organised criminal enterprises into commerce.

Session / Workshop Chair(s)

Christine Braamskamp Jenner & Block, London, England; Publication and Newsletter Editor, Criminal Law Committee


Paloma Blázquez Rodríguez Cuatrecasas, Madrid, Spain
Kath Hall null, Other City, Australian Capital Territory, Australia; Chair, Drivers of Corruption Subcommittee
Nathan Lankford Miller & Chevalier Chartered, Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Secretary, Business Human Rights Committee