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Academic and Professional Development Committee

The Academic and Professional Development Committee was founded as a networking entity to facilitate dialogue and exchange of information on research, contacts, sabbatical posts and fellowships.

About the Committee

The Academic and Professional Development Committee acts as a link between law schools, professional development professionals, practising lawyers and the IBA.

Our mission is to contribute to the following objectives:

  • improving the quality of lawyers around the world;
  • making the practice of law fit for the modern world; and
  • making the legal profession an attractive one for the world's most talented students.

Our members speak regularly at law schools, both to academics and students, with a particular emphasis on the preparation of students for international legal practice. We also support IBA programmes to develop local Bars around the world.

At the IBA annual conferences, we bring together academics, professional development experts and practising lawyers from across the IBA community and more widely to address issues affecting the education and training of lawyers in both legal and business skills. We are also involved in original research into related topics.

The committee publishes a regular newsletter to members and posts articles and information on its website.

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Globalisation and technology - the main drivers in legal education

This article looks at the recently published report titled ‘Blueprint for Global Legal Education’, which was first presented during a showcase session during the November 2020 IBA Virtually Together Conference.

Released on Jun 01, 2021

From the APDC Co-Chairs, August 2020

Co-Chairs note- August 2020

'I know that I know nothing': lessons to lawyers

A summary of the panel session at the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul, chaired by Bruno Maggi from the Young Lawyers’ committee, and Sebastian Ramos from the Academic and Professional Development Committee. The session was split into three parts: Challenging the cultural barriers and traditional approaches; What are law firms and law schools doing? and How to balance the specific knowledge with the broad perspective needed to solve the current complex legal cases.

Comparative Law: what do lawyers in practice really need to know?

A summary of the Academic and Professional Development Committee’s panel session at the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul, which was chaired by Chris Howard, Treasurer of the APDC and Director of Professional Legal Education at King’s College London.

Report on joint Academic & Professional Development Committee and Young Lawyers’ Committee visit to Sungkyunkwan University

A delegation from the APDC and the Young Lawyers’ Committee visited Sungkyunkwan University during the IBA Annual Conference 2019 in Seoul. The Dean, Professor Kim, and members of his faculty explained the Korean legal system and the work of the School of Law and answered the delegation’s questions. The delegation had the opportunity to present to a small group of students on the work of the IBA and on the essential requirements for a successful career in law.

Projects and reports

Developing a Blueprint for Global Legal Education

The IBA and Law Schools Global League (LSGL) have launched an ambitious project that aims to identify the key drivers that shape global legal education, the consequent emerging responses and whether these responses can sufficiently address the challenges confronting legal professionals all over the world. Some of the drivers examined include: globalisation, technology, and changes to regulatory frameworks. IE Law School has been designated as the coordinator of the research project.


Supporting IBA initiatives on ethics and professionalism

This committee project will promote web-based networks providing resources relating to:

  • teaching legal ethics and promoting professionalism in legal education;
  • practical legal training;
  • continuing professional development, increasing the awareness of and implementation of IBA initiatives and comparable resources worldwide;
  • the IBA anti-corruption and anti-money laundering initiatives as well as comparable initiatives worldwide; and
  • the IBA initiatives on principles of conduct for the legal profession, linking them with professional conduct codes in jurisdictions around the world.

Subcommittees and other groups

The Academic and Professional Development Committee also coordinates the activities of the following subcommittees/working groups.

  • Academic and Professional Development Committee Advisory Board