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SLAPPs – Lawfare against justice

In this Global Insight podcast, we look at growing concerns over the use of Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs) – an intimidation tool frequently used to silence journalists, activists, critics and other public watchdogs.

Released on Jun 23, 2022

Ukraine: Invasion both bolsters and tests Russia’s relationship with China

In May during the G7 mid-year meetings, the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock, accused Russia of leading a ‘grain war’, referring to the implications of its invasion of Ukraine for global food security. She added that Russia was jeopardising the world’s grain supply by blocking Ukrainian ports.

Released on Jun 15, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Finland and Sweden bid to join NATO

The war in Ukraine has heightened security concerns in Europe and prompted Finland and Sweden’s request to join NATO. The unprecedented move has been heralded as an historic policy shift to deter Russian aggression in the region.

Released on Jun 13, 2022

Business and human rights: Corporations make mass exodus from Russia

The corporate fallout from the war in Ukraine has been staggering. Since the end of February nearly 1,000 international companies have left Russia as their presence on the ground became increasingly untenable in the wake of the invasion.

Released on May 27, 2022

Ukraine: First war crime conviction against Russian soldier

A court in Ukraine has convicted a Russian soldier of killing an unarmed Ukrainian civilian in the country’s first war crimes trial since the invasion began.

Released on May 26, 2022

Feature: From atrocities to accountability

As horrendous acts are perpetrated daily in Ukraine, Global Insight examines the ways of holding those responsible to account, the limits of existing mechanisms and where there’s potential for new ways of achieving justice.

Released on May 24, 2022

Energy security: Germany updates its laws to face challenges emerging from Ukraine war

In late May, the German parliament made amendments to a 1975 law that enables the state to temporarily assume control of an energy company to ensure supply in the face of a market failure.

Released on May 23, 2022

The future of refugee protection

The Ukraine refugee crisis has prompted unprecedented public and political support. Global Insight assesses the potential for more compassionate responses to future crises.

Released on May 20, 2022

‘Lawfare against justice’

The war in Ukraine has brought an awareness of the extremely dire consequences of corruption. Global Insight examines the dangers of leaving legal systems open to abuse by the rich and powerful

Released on May 20, 2022

Prisoners of war in the age of social media

Given the amount of Russian disinformation, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s ability to use the media to galvanise the international community has been a key feature of the conflict. But, as the Geneva Conventions make clear, there are limits.

Released on May 19, 2022

The Ukraine Refugee crisis

In this Global Insight podcast, we explore the unprecedented reaction to the plight of Ukrainian refugees and the need for a coordinated, compassionate international response, and assess the situation for displaced people from other conflict zones, such as Afghanistan.

Released on Apr 27, 2022

North American Regional Forum – April 2022 – From the Chair

This is an introduction from the NARF’s Chair to the spring newsletter. It details upcoming programmes hosted by the NARF at the IBA 2022 Annual Conference.

Released on Apr 26, 2022

Mind your client: law firms must choose to be responsible gatekeepers

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted international legal service providers to shut down operations in Russia, marking a palpable shift in the sector. If law firms do not re-examine their ethical standards and the moral standing of their clients, regulators may do it for them.

Released on Apr 25, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: War crimes in Bucha mark ‘turning point’

In early April, reports emerged that at least 300 civilians had been killed in Bucha. Despite vehement denials by the Russian authorities, satellite images outlining mass graves in the small Kyiv suburb gave the strongest indication yet that Russian troops had committed war crimes on Ukrainian soil.

Released on Apr 22, 2022

Ukraine: Refugee crisis emphasises need for coordinated international response

Released on Apr 19, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brings anti-money laundering into sharp focus

Released on Apr 11, 2022

Invasion of Ukraine prompts law firms to exit Russia en masse

In the space of just two weeks, 26 international law firms unceremoniously announced they are closing their Russian offices following the country’s aggression in Ukraine. Some have been in Russia for 30 years. But, as the brutal reality of the conflict has unfolded, it’s become clear there was no alternative but to leave.

Released on Apr 11, 2022

War and accountability

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shone a light on the challenges of prosecuting war criminals. Global Insight interviewed Professor Philip Leach earlier this year, as he was stepping down from his role as director of the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre. Leach, a professor of human rights law at Middlesex University, spoke to us again a month after the conflict began.

Released on Apr 11, 2022

Ukraine conflict: Russia’s crackdown on dissent escalates in wake of invasion

Released on Apr 6, 2022

Ukraine: Conflict complicates EU rule of law mission in Hungary and Poland

Released on Apr 1, 2022

Ukraine: A balancing act for the Middle East

As the Ukraine conflict continues into its second month, with no immediate resolution in sight, several Middle Eastern countries increasingly find themselves having to take sides and choosing among security, business agreements and, in some cases, keeping food staples on the table for many families.

Released on Mar 28, 2022

Russia and Ukraine: Going after the money

As global powers grapple to contain the Ukraine crisis, Global Insight assesses whether the conflict could be a watershed moment for international anti-corruption efforts and the fight against autocracy.

Released on Mar 22, 2022

Ukraine at war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine shocked the world. Global Insight assesses the lead-up to the conflict, its fallout and the ongoing international efforts to hold those in power to account

Released on Mar 15, 2022

Ukraine: Devastation prompts calls for accountability in international courts

The Ukraine conflict has already caused over 1,000 civilian casualties and the worst refugee crisis since the second World War, urging calls for those responsible to be held to account in international courts.

Released on Mar 14, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

In this Global Insight podcast, we look at the background to the Ukraine crisis, Russia’s hybrid warfare campaign and the role of sanctions in fighting aggression and autocracy.

Released on Mar 3, 2022

Ukraine: United front against Russian aggression needed to combat autocracy

After weeks of rising tensions on Ukraine’s borders and clashes on the ground, on 21 February Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was recognising the rebel-controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states and ordered troops into the country.

Released on Feb 22, 2022

Work and vaccination against Covid-19 in Ukraine: new challenges for employers and employees

As the campaign for vaccination against Covid-19 in Ukraine goes on and new measures and restrictions are introduced by the government, more questions are raised regarding mandatory vaccination for employees.

Released on Dec 15, 2021

Civil forfeiture – an effective mechanism or just a waste of time?

The return of illegally acquired assets is a quite complicated and long-lasting process within criminal proceedings and Ukraine is constantly looking for more effective methods. One of such mechanisms is the so-called ‘civil forfeiture’.

Released on Nov 1, 2021

Anti-corruption trends in Ukraine

The article provides an overview of the latest changes and law-enforcement practice in combating corruption in Ukraine.

Released on Oct 29, 2021

Ukrainian jury trials in criminal cases: reasons behind their inefficiency and suggestions for improvement

The jury system is quite common worldwide. In some countries, such as the United Kingdom and United States, trial by jury has been in place for hundreds of years, while many other jurisdictions have only begun involving jurors to justice relatively recently or are in the process of developing or implementing this institution. Trial by jury in Ukraine dates back to as recently as 2012 with the adoption of the new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine (CPC) by Ukraine’s parliament. The Ukrainian jury belongs to a mixed system where cases are heard by two professional judges and three jurors, and the decision is made by a simple majority of votes.

Released on Oct 28, 2021