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Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to wish you all a Happy New Year in my capacity as Chair of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC). Joining me are nine experienced and enthusiastic Officers who are also committed to the continuing development of the BIC.

The BIC has been and will continue to be your voice in the organisation and to play the difficult role of mediating between the aspirations of the world largest association of lawyers operating in an international environment on the one side and the regulation of the legal profession and the common principles of ethics and deontology on the other side. Click here to read more.

The Bar Issues Commission (BIC) supports the interests of the IBA’s member organisations. This includes arranging events to discuss issues that affect the legal profession globally; working groups that develop resources and guidelines for bar associations and a Policy Committee advising IBA Council on key IBA resolutions and statements.

Upcoming conferences


BIC and Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF) Workshop on Amendment and Supplementation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Legal Profession in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, 3 January 2019

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