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The objectives of the Legal Practice Division are to promote an interchange of information and views among its members as to laws, practices and professional responsibilities relating to the practice of law throughout the world; to facilitate communication among its members; to provide the opportunity to all its members to be active in the division through its sections, committees, fora and other groupings; and to undertake such related projects as may be approved from time to time by the division’s council.

Officer Address
Jaime Carey
LPD Chair
Isidora Goyenechea 2800
43rd Floor
Las Condes

Email Officer
Jon Grouf
LPD Vice Chair
Duane Morris LLP
1540 Broadway
New York

Email Officer
Peter Bartlett
LPD Secretary-Treasurer - IBA Treasurer
Minter Ellison
525 Collins Street
Rialto Towers

Email Officer
Carola van den Bruinhorst
LPD Assistant Treasurer - IBA Assistant Treasurer
Loyens & Loeff
28/F, 8 Wyndham Street
Hong Kong SAR

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LPD Council Member Information

Name Position
Jaime Carey 
Jon Grouf Vice Chair
Peter Bartlett IBA Treasurer/LPD Treasurer
Carola van den Bruinhorst IBA Assistant Treasurer/LPD Assistant Treasurer
Almudena Arpon de Mendivil LPD Council Member
André Andersson LPD Council Member
Christopher Watson LPD Council Member
Eduardo Sanguinetti LPD Council Member
Eduardo Zuleta LPD Council Member
Eugene E Smary LPD Council Member
Ignacio Randle LPD Council Member
Janet McDavid LPD Council Member
John Williamson-Noble LPD Council Member
Klaus Reichert SC LPD Council Member
Lawrence Teh LPD Council Member
Leigh-Alexandra Basha LPD Council Member
Neil Kirby LPD Council Member
Oliver Triebold LPD Council Member
Olufunmi Oluyede LPD Council Member
Pascale Lagesse LPD Council Member
Patricia Hoet-Limbourg LPD Council Member
Paul Lalonde LPD Council Member
Pekka Jaatinen LPD Council Member
Sadiq Jafar LPD Council Member
Salvador del Rey LPD Council Member
Sunil Abraham LPD Council Member
Timothy E Powers LPD Council Member
Geraldine M Clarke PPID Representative - LPD Council


Corporate Law Section

Criminal Law Section

Dispute Resolution

Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law

Financial Service

Human Resources

Insolvency Section

Intellectual Property, Communications and Technology Section

International Sales

Law and Individual Rights

Leisure Industries

Maritime and Aviation

Public Law

Real Estate


Corporate Counsel Forum

Regional Fora

Download the IBA Governing Documents handbook

With the aim of providing interactive and educational opportunities to the growing international legal community, the Sections of the Legal Practice Division offer annual opportunities for young lawyers from around the world to apply for scholarships that recognise outstanding individuals in the legal profession. Each year the IBA, holds an Annual Conference, which attracts the participation of over 4000 lawyers from more than 100 jurisdictions. The LPD, and the Public and Professional Interest Division (PPID) present informative and engaging sessions covering current topics of significance to lawyers throughout the world. The Annual Conference working sessions are complemented by a full social programme which provides the opportunity for delegates meet, establish and maintain business contacts and friendships with peers of the legal profession worldwide. Scholarships are awarded to young lawyers who wish to participate at the Annual Conference, but may find it financially difficult to do so. Please click here for full information on how to apply.

The IBA organises over thirty specialist and regional conferences each year in addition to the Annual Conference and the costs involved are very considerable. In order to contain those costs, the IBA through the guidelines set out in the Division Handbooks has established well defined rules that must be followed so as to ensure that there is conformity in determining to what costs the IBA may be exposed in relation to any particular event.

The rules are detailed and deal with many issues including registration fee waivers, speakers’ expenses and entertainment costs. The Rules have served the IBA well in the past and are appropriate for the future.

The LPD is committed to ensure the highest quality of programmes and caliber of speakers at the sessions that it promotes. There is concern amongst the LPD Officers that the current policies sometimes stand in the way of putting on the highest quality sessions. A relaxation of the rules is desirable from time to time to enable certain costs to be paid that are likely to lead to enrichment of the quality of a programme. It is clear that it may sometimes be advantageous to pay certain costs outside the guidelines; for example to a world business leader, regulator, to some academics or NGO representatives, if it can be demonstrated that such a payment is likely to enrich the programme and increase the quality of the relevant session.

The LPD Officers, the IBA President and the Executive Director recommend the creation of a fund to cover on an exceptional basis, expenses and other matters related to LPD sessions which are not permitted by the guidelines set out in the Legal Practice Division Handbook.

The fund shall cover exceptional expenses to secure speakers as well as expenses incurred by speakers and organisers of sessions at the LPD specialist and regional conferences and LPD sessions at the Annual Conferences. An application to the Fund shall be made by an Officer of the relevant LPD Committee to the IBA Treasurer, who in consultation with the other LPD Officers, shall have absolute discretion to agree to pay part of or the entire sum sought or to decline the application.

To apply to the fund, please complete this form and return to


The IBA organises more than 50 conferences each year covering a wide range of legal issues.

Conference Diary


Committees / Subcommittees

Agricultural Law Section

Antitrust Section

Dispute Resolution Section

  • Asia Pacific Arbitration Group Subcommittee
  • IBA Arb40 Subcommittee
  • IBA Arbitration Guifdelines and Rules Subcommittee
  • Investment Arbitration Subcommittee
  • Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Subcommittee
  • Young Litigators Forum Subcommittee

Law & Individual Rights Section

Public Law Section

  • International Organisations Subcommittee

Corporate Counsel Forum

Digital Identity Working Group Project

The pervasive use of new modes of communication and transaction of business, for personal and professional purposes, is creating information relating to users that encompasses a wide variety of areas - a digital identity. This IBA Legal Practice Division Working Group has undertaken to develop a set of high-level Principles around the collection, use and sharing of digital identity information that could serve as the basis for engaging in dialogue with all relevant stakeholders.

Other Division Publications

Division journal - Business Law International

Business Law International, launched in September 1999 and published three times a year, contains in-depth and topical articles by leading practitioners and academics worldwide. Members are invited to submit ideas for future issues. Please contact the editor at:

Download the BLI author guidelines.

For more information on the LPD, please contact Susan Burkert in the London Office at

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