IBA Guide on Shareholders' Agreements

The IBA Guide on Shareholders’ Agreements, prepared by the Closely Held and Growing Business Enterprises Committee, provides practical, easy to grasp information on the legal rules on shareholders’ agreements and their application in each contributing jurisdiction. Leading experts respond to key questions relevant to those who need to get familiar quickly with the regulation of shareholders’ agreements in a particular country. The year of submission or verification of each guide is indicated below.

This guide is not intended and must not be considered legal advice for any particular situation, and members are encourage to consult with local counsel in each jurisdiction before making decisions or providing advice on them.

Argentina (2018) Australia (2018) Austria (2018)
Belgium (2018) Brazil (2018) Canada (2018)
Denmark (2018) Ecuador (2018) El Salvador (2018)
Germany (2018) Honduras (2018) India (2018)
Ireland (2018) Italy (2018) Japan (2018)
Luxembourg (2018) Mexico (2018) the Netherlands (2018)
New Zealand (2018) Norway (2019) Panama (2018)
Paraguay (2018) Peru (2018) Poland (2018)
Russian Federation (2018) Serbia (2018) South Korea (2018)
Spain (2018) Switzerland (2018) Uganda (2018)
UK (2018) Uruguay (2018) USA (California) (2018)
USA (Delaware, New York, Florida) (2018)