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The Asia Pacific Forum offers fantastic opportunities to establish contact with legal experts in and outside of the region, practising in many different areas of law, and to keep abreast of legal business developments in the region.

About the Forum

In addition to offering an unrivalled opportunity to establish contact among lawyers within and outside the region, and with acknowledged experts on different areas of law, specialist Forum activities provide an unparalleled opportunity to keep abreast of legal business developments in the region. Members also benefit from excellent working relations with national Bars, the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and LAWASIA.

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Recent developments in the laws relating to online gaming and online betting in India

As in many other parts of the world, the age-old activity of gambling also finds various references in Indian history and mythology. While ancient texts such as the Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Ramayana and Mahabharata caution against its harms, others such as the Katyayana Smriti, Manu Smriti and Narad Smriti support its regulated existence, citing its potential as a source of revenue for the Kingdom

Released on Jun 25, 2024

A synopsis of sports law in India

Sports in India is predominantly synonymous with cricket. It is often said that in India, cricket is not a sport, but is a religion; and, since the advent of the Indian Premier League in 2007, besides cricket, other sports in India have also animated all conversations with passion, not simply for the love of sports, but because of the impressive revenue that sports generates.

Released on Jun 25, 2024

OTT, IDC and cloud-computing services under Telecom Law 2023

In Vietnam, over the last decade, new-generation and innovative ‘telecommunication’ services such as over-the-top messaging (OTT) service, internet data centre (IDC) service and cloud-computing service (Cloud) have emerged and developed rapidly as a result of the 4.0 industrial revolution.

Released on Jun 04, 2024

Navigating the complex landscape of interlocking directorates in India

This article explores the complex implications of interlocking directorates and common ownership on competition, particularly in the Indian context. Through a comparative analysis, empirical evidence and case studies from across the globe, the article evaluates whether interlocking directorates has potential for both anti-competitive behaviour and innovation. It also explores whether it is possible that common ownership can enhance, rather than hinder, competitive dynamics.

Released on Jun 04, 2024

Doing Business in Asia Pacific

September 2020: The Asia Pacific Regional Forum presents a comprehensive, innovative guide to doing business in the Asia Pacific, covering 11 jurisdictions and focusing on the common pitfalls and cultural differences of doing business throughout the region. This guide is an important tool for both investors and the legal profession when approaching certain critical aspects in Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

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Film and media

China's economic future

Chief Economist at Deloitte China, Sitao Xu, on how China is transforming into a manufacturing and trading powerhouse to rival the United States.

US-China trade

President Obama's Trade Representative Michael Froman assesses America’s world trade priorities and the growing influence of China.

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